There are a few different ways to get your partners ring size. One of the most accurate ways is to take her favorite ring to a jeweller and have them resize it. This method is more accurate than trying to guess the size of a partner’s hand. The dominant hand is generally bigger than the non-dominant one.

Secret ways to get a partner’s ring size

While it might seem obvious, it can be tricky to figure out your partner’s ring size without actually asking them. After all, the size of the ring is an important part of any proposal, and it can affect the proposal itself. Fortunately, there are several secret ways to get your partner’s ring size.

One of the best methods is to ask your partner’s friends. Friends who are newly married can ask their partners if they know their partners ring size. Obviously, they can’t tell you the size of their partner’s ring, but they might be able to help you out.

Another secret way to get your partner’s ring size is to check their finger sizes. If they’ve got the same size rings on both fingers, you should be able to figure out their size. If not, try measuring both rings in the jewelry box. Normally, the ring on your thumb will be a different size than the one on your ring finger.

Ask your partner’s friends and family members. They may know your partner’s ring size and can give you great advice on styles and shapes. Another option is to ask your partner’s mother or grandmother. They might know the size of her partner’s hand, which might come in handy if you want to surprise your partner with a perfect engagement ring.

Another way to get your partner’s ring size is to tell them that you’re shopping for a ring for a parent or sibling. This way, your partner won’t know that you’re actually trying to steal her ring. However, it’s a bit less awkward and will likely seem more natural.

Getting your partner’s ring size is a tricky thing to do. If you want to make your proposal a surprise, you must make sure you don’t spoil the surprise. However, there are some tricks that will help you sneak it past your partner. The first one is to ask her ring size before you propose.

The second method involves borrowing a ring. You’ll need an excuse to get her to the jewelry store. Make sure you go to a store where she is not likely to be caught. In case your partner gets suspicious, take someone else with you. A good friend or mom can accompany you.

Another way to get your partner’s ring size is to ask a friend who has just gotten engaged. The success rate of this method depends on the question you ask. Direct questions will yield accurate answers, while vague questions will only give you a rough idea of what her ring size might be.

Getting a feel for a ring size

When purchasing a ring for your partner, getting a feel for their ring size is an important step to make. It is important to take measurements of both the ring and the finger. Ideally, the measurement should be made on a day when the finger is at room temperature. Because fingers swell and contract when they are hot or cold, it is important to take a measurement at a normal body temperature.

The best way to get an accurate ring size is to visit a jeweller. They will be able to give you a more accurate measurement, but there are some other, more inconspicuous methods you can use. The trick is to make sure to pick a trusted person to entrust the task to.

Another method for getting a feel for a partners ring sizes is to borrow or take his/her ring. You can trace the ring finger with a piece of string or paper. However, you should wait until your partner is asleep to make sure you do not wake him/her up.

When buying a ring for a partner, it is recommended to buy a ring slightly bigger than the size of his/her finger. This will make it easier to make a ring smaller if you find out later that it is too big for your partner. The ring size can also be easily determined by measuring the ring finger.

If you are unsure about your partner’s ring size, it is important to have someone you trust look it on. Try to get a reference from a family member, a friend, or a jewelry store. This will give you an idea of what type of ring your partner likes.

If you are not comfortable asking your partner for the exact ring size, you can ask a close friend to ask. The partner may know the ring size of a friend or his/her mother. However, this method is risky as it leaves room for error. It may also ruin the surprise.

Finding out a partners ring size is an important step when proposing. However, it is not as difficult as you might think. As long as you don’t ruin the surprise by asking, it is important to remember that the ring size of your partner is an important part of the proposal.

You can also use a thumb ring to approximate a partners ring size. Most people have a general idea of their ring size. However, it’s never a good idea to betray your partner’s trust. You don’t want your partner to know that you’re interested in her ring size, as it could ruin your relationship.

It is difficult to get a feel for a partners ring if you don’t live with your partner, or if your partner is secretive. To find out your partner’s ring size, try to get a friend or a close family member to help you out. Alternatively, you can even ask her best friend to help you with the ring size.