A little known sea salt from the Himalayan Mountains, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt is prized for its exotic colors and aromas. Pure Himalayan sea salt has some of the most vibrant, colorful and attractive colors. Many products come in this color and it is hard to find a pure salt that does not have a similar appearance.

These salts come from the Himalayan mountains and are rich in minerals and trace elements. One type of salt that is usually found is crystal clear pink Himalayan Sea Salt. Crystal clear salts are not always purchased because they can look cloudy or muddled.

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt has a gorgeous pink color with fine white veins and a slight texture. This salt is best used in desserts or as a garnish for soups. While you can use this salt as a table salt, it is a much better option for baking.

If you like your foods sweet, then you will absolutely love pink Himalayan sea salt as a dessert topping. All types of desserts including cheesecakes, cheesecake, chocolate desserts, muffins, etc. will be perfect with this pink salt.

Baking with this type of salt will make any type of chocolate desserts taste even better. The intense pink makes them even more enticing. You can either melt this salt or put it directly into the baked goods in order to get the color.

Chocolate lovers can also add some extra flavor by mixing in some good quality butter and adding a little bit of pink Himalayan sea salt. For this you need to use unsalted butter and the pink Himalayan salt will certainly enhance the flavor. Baking this product on top of a chocolate fudge cake can create a delicious meal that is both delicious and healthy.

If you would like to cook a chicken, there is no need to look any further for salt. Most chicken recipes call for a touch of salt. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt comes in very small pieces and is just perfect for this purpose.

You simply place it in a glass container with some salted water. Now you can use this salt in recipes such as marinades and for added flavor. Because of the smaller size, it is not too difficult to use as a garnish.

When cooking dishes with salt, you need to be careful. Never use table salt. Table salt will contain trace amounts of other ingredients and it will ruin your favorite dish.

Try sprinkling a pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt onto your vegetables. This will ensure that your veggies stay crisp and delicious. You can also sprinkle a small amount of salt onto your steaks and chicken breasts to give them the flavor that they crave.

Any recipe that calls for pink Himalayan sea salt will be perfectly safe when it is sprinkled on the recipe. It is not necessary to use it right away. You can use small spoonfuls at a time and watch them melt into the recipe.

No matter what your cooking experience is, you can now enjoy the beauty of pink Himalayan sea salt. This product is versatile and many different kinds are available in all grocery stores and health food stores. Enjoy!