When buying Dead Sea salt, the need to be aware of a few things first is to get the right concentration. Find out what you want to use your salt for and what type of impact it will have on your skin.

Dead Sea salt is produced by the world’s third largest salt production, Israel. Its sea water is chemically treated and then filtered through sand and gravel. The resulting minerals are then mixed with distilled water, a high percentage of sodium chloride, and lime to make a fine concentrated salt that is added to hot spring water for its healing properties.

Dead Sea salt has been used for hundreds of years. Although the raw minerals do not come from the sea, they are still a product of the sea. Ancient healing practices used the salt to treat burns, tumors, and eye infections. Some ancient religions believe that the sea’s natural healing properties brought about by its high percentage of minerals gives the sea water an ability to heal many diseases.

There are two types of salt you can buy, the sea salt and rock salt. The water source for each is different, so there are differences in minerals.

Sea salt is the most popular and can also be the most expensive, depending on the price of sea water and the size of the container you purchase. It is used in many foods, juices, smoothies, tea, wine, desserts, cosmetics, and as a flavoring agent.

Rock salt is much cheaper than sea salt, but has fewer minerals. It is used to season food, especially meats. Although salt rocks have more minerals, they tend to burn your tongue faster and taste bland. Rock salt is a mix of sodium chloride and ground up rocks.

The price of sea salt may be just right for you. If you are looking for a way to make yourself healthier, or reduce your overall daily intake of salt, you can invest in it. Dead Sea salts are recommended by physicians to help those with high blood pressure. Its natural properties not only have the ability to heal wounds, but promote cell growth and repair.

If you purchase Dead Sea salt, keep in mind that it is very dense and must be dissolved into water before it can work properly. It may be best to mix the crystals with distilled water to make it easier to consume. You may want to add a little as an additive to the water for the best effect.

Since you have already read the stories of people that have made use of the sea salt to cure their ailments, it would not be surprising to find people trying to duplicate the effect for themselves. The majority of this use has been with gout sufferers. The mineral content in the sea water has anti-inflammatory properties. Gout can make you feel achy and cold; a topical application of the salt has been shown to help decrease the pain.

Other use of the sea salt has been to treat acne, anemia, rheumatism, sciatica, and joint pains. The local anesthetic properties of the sea water have anti-inflammatory effects, so rubbing the crystals on the affected area has also been known to improve the symptoms.

These are just a few of the uses of the sea salt. Its healing properties, the high percentage of minerals, and its quality and price make it a good investment for anyone who wants to feel better. It may even be used to cure illnesses like diabetes and arthritis.