The city of Lucas, Kansas is a small town with a population of 332 people. Its attractions include Grassroots art, Bungee jumping, Fishing, and art galleries. You’ll also find a lot of places to buy unique gifts, visit the art galleries, and enjoy the local cuisine.

Grassroots art

The Grassroots Art Center is dedicated to preserving and educating about the Midwest outsider art environments. The Center exhibits and documents folk art from the region. The exhibits are an excellent way to get a feel for the history and culture of Midwest outsiders.

Throughout the year, the Grassroots Art Center will feature objects by three local artists. These include a snow dome collection by Elizabeth Bryan, a collection of 1,000 paper cranes by Ron Lessman, and a wood sculpture by Nancy Jo Leachman. The sculptures are a part of a larger collection and will be on display through the end of April.

Grassroots artists have long been drawn to Lucas. A quick drive around the town will reveal dozens of interesting art installations. For example, Mri-Pilar’s Garden of Isis, a garden made from old toys, is an interesting sight both inside and out. There are also numerous other art installations, including rock gardens and a Snow Globe Palace. Visitors will also find unexpected art installations at the Bowl Plaza Public Restrooms.

Another gallery featuring grassroots artists is the Lucas Arts and Humanities Council. Located in the Midwest, this gallery features self-taught artists from the region. This art center also features folk art from that area. There are both permanent and temporary exhibits at the Lucas Arts and Humanities Council.

Bungee jumping

One of the most exhilarating things to do in Cabo San Lucas is to go bungee jumping. This extreme sport is not for the faint of heart, but it’s completely safe. And for the brave souls, it’s the only way to really see the Baja landscape.

There are several different bungee jumps to choose from. You can do a Superman Front Dive, Backwards Happy Starfish, and Backwards Plunge, among other options. You’ll need to take a minimum of 3 jumps to qualify for a more advanced jump.

The experience is safe, and can be done in groups of up to two people. This activity begins in a glass-floored gondola, and the jumper starts their descent from there. It’s an exhilarating experience that allows the jumper to take in 360-degree views and a rush of adrenaline.


You can find several lakes to fish at, including Lake Lucas, located near Macon, Georgia. It is a 589-acre drinking water reservoir that is open to boat anglers with electric motors. Several types of fish are found on the lake, including bass, bream, hybrids, stripers, and catfish. However, the water authority has strict regulations regarding fishing, including the hours and days that you can fish.

The Lucas Shoal is an excellent fishing spot for large sea bass and fluke. The shoal has a number of deep holes between seventy and ninety feet, and anglers commonly fish chunk baits on the bottom or use heavy jigs to target large stripers. Fishing at the shoal is best during incoming or slack tide, though it is possible to fish there any time. Be aware, however, that strong winds can create large waves on the lake. Additionally, the fishing area is moderately congested, with more boats on weekends and holidays.

Art galleries

If you’re looking for unique things to do in Lucas, Kansas, look no further than the city’s art galleries. This quirky little city boasts several galleries that feature works by local and regional artists. The fork Art Park in the downtown area is a particularly unique place to visit, with artistic sculptures created from forks of various sizes and designs. You can also visit Brant’s Market, a historic marketplace that dates back to 1922. Famous for its bologna, cheese, sausage, and other delicacies, the market is a must visit for those in the area.

You can find several art galleries in Lucas, including one that features the work of Lucas Samaras. The Albright Knox Art Museum features an exhibition of the artist’s “Mirrored Room,” which is on display until January 4, 2015. This museum is a hidden gem in the city, yet many people overlook its value. Its exhibits are always changing, and you can learn more about Lucas’s rich cultural heritage by visiting its gallery.

Visitors can also visit the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. This museum will feature exhibits of works that explore the storytelling power of images. The museum will be the first to focus on this type of art, and exhibits will span time and cultures. This museum will also display works from the film industry.


There are many different things to do on beaches in Lucas. Whether you are a beach bum or an experienced swimmer, you can find a lot of activities for you and your family in this town. You can also spend your days at the beach, sunbathing or reading a book. However, be aware of the strong riptides and big waves that you may encounter. If you are not a fan of the ocean, you may want to stay on shore and just enjoy the scenery.

Another fun activity for tourists is to go parasailing. If you are feeling adventurous, you can try out parasailing above Cabo San Lucas Bay. Parasailing involves a harness underneath the wing and allows you to glide over the bay while enjoying spectacular views. Afterwards, you can skim against the waves or return to your boat.

You can also try fishing, which is a popular pastime for many visitors. There are a variety of trips that leave from the Cabo San Lucas Marina. The trips include all the necessary fishing gear and a fishing guide. Shopping is another great activity for visitors to the area. The town has many shopping malls, including the luxurious Paraiso Mall and Luxury Avenue.

There are also several great things to do on the beaches in Lucas, Mexico. During the day, you can relax on the beach, relax and enjoy the warm weather. You can also swim with whale sharks. Whale sharks are usually found near Cabo between October and February.


Lucas is home to an abundance of wildlife. These animals have made themselves at home in landscaping and attics, and some are even dangerous, as they carry diseases. If you’re an animal lover and would like to get up close to the creatures, there are many places to visit in Lucas. Here are just a few.

Horseback riding is a popular pastime in the area. It’s a slow and relaxing way to enjoy the scenery while being in close contact with nature. You’ll be guided by a professional guide, who will keep you hydrated and teach you about the local wildlife. If you have children, there are plenty of horseback tours that are perfect for them. Passport card holders receive a discount for these tours.