There are several ways to organize your desk. The first step is to re-arrange your items. You may want to use a spinning organizer or clear bins instead of drawers. Another great way to organize your desk is to fill it with items that have sentimental or practical value. These ideas may be easier said than done, but they will help you feel more comfortable in your space.

Rearrange items at your desk

If you find yourself surrounded by the same items on your desk, it might be time to rearrange them. This can break up the monotony of the same stuff all the time. Your workplace may provide certain office supplies, but you should bring your favorite items from home and keep them close to your desk. Your intuition will guide you through the process.

Start by categorizing items. Put items that you use frequently on the desktop, and put those that you don’t use often in a drawer or somewhere else. This way, you’ll know what to keep and where to store them. Once you have the right items organized, you’ll find it easier to keep more of your desk free.

Use a spinning organizer

To make sure that everything on your desk is accessible, consider using a desk drawer organizer. This product will keep small items from rolling around and can be easily accessed. Desk drawer organizers can be found in most home and office stores. They are the perfect solution for people who struggle to keep their desk organized.

You can use the spinning organizer to store your office supplies, keys, and files. It features eight different compartments and can be placed inside the desk drawer. This type of organizer is lightweight, which is great for small spaces. You can also use it to organize unused wall space. Another useful feature is the ability to hang your keys in it.

If you want to get your desk organized quickly, it’s important to set a deadline to complete it. Use the SMART goal framework to set an appropriate deadline for your organizing project. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself distracted by work you need to finish. Make sure to delegate time to other projects or time-sensitive tasks before organizing your desk.

Another great option for organizing your desk is a desktop accessory organizer. This organizer will keep the accessories that are most frequently used in the office neat and organized. It’s also helpful for storing files. Many of these desk organizers feature compartments for common office supplies. Some are designed for small items, while others are large enough to fit entire files.

Use clear bins instead of drawers

Desk drawers can quickly become a clutter haven. Instead of a messy desk, use clear bins or dividers to keep office supplies, documents, and more organized. Use hanging folders to organize your project notes, and acrylic dividers to store business cards and flash drives.

You may have multiple computer cables and phone cords scattered across your desk. Tether them together with zip ties or carabiners. Items that get dropped on your desk often build up clutter and need to be reorganized or disposed of. Color-coded caddies are a great way to separate these items and keep them from blending together.

If you have more than one computer, consider using separate drawers for each item. This will save space and help you find what you need fast. Make sure to organize your desktop on a daily basis, and make sure to remove any extra folders or files. Drawer organizers are also handy for holding small items and personal items. Having separate folders, trays, and inboxes is also useful if you work with another person.

Clear bins can also save valuable space on your desk. Keeping your office supplies organized can help you stay motivated and focused, which will make you more productive. The best part is that this simple solution takes only a few minutes to implement. It will also improve your productivity and minimize stress.

Aside from paper clutter, your desk can also contain many other items, such as sticky notes, small notepads, and scrap paper. It is important to know what items you need to organize before choosing a desk organizer. A good one will be able to accommodate these items as well as allow you to easily reach them.

Fill your desk with items that hold practical or sentimental value

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to fill your desk with items that hold sentimental or practical value. These items can include photographs, letters, children’s artwork, antiques, and trophies. Many people keep such items as a reminder of the past or to cherish memories of a lost loved one. Whatever your reason is, the sentimental items you collect can bring a lot of joy to your life.

Keep pens and paper clips away from your desk

Organize secondary stationery, like pens and paper clips, away from your desk. You’ll have less frustration when they’re not stacked on top of each other. If you’re the type of person who keeps pens and paper clips all over your desk, consider hanging paperclip holders on the wall, placing books on the back of the desk, or using wine crates as mini bookshelves. Collectors of fountain pens and ink can even hang special pen racks on the wall, or place their ink collections on a curio shelf.

Another way to keep paper clip holders and pens off your desk is to keep them in a file cabinet. Ideally, you should organize them alphabetically for ease of access. Files for specific projects should be labeled with the project name, date, category, and other tags. When you organize your desk, make sure to label everything, from small items to larger items.