If you need a wall organizer for your closet or to help you keep your student’s supplies in order, Home Depot may have just what you’re looking for. The Back to Class sale will run until September 8, so get in there now and find a great deal! There are many great items to choose from, and you’ll be happy you did!

Helps your student stay organized

If you want to make your student’s dorm room or home more organized, consider a wood wall organizer. It comes with two baskets, and your student can use them to keep all of their school paperwork in order. They even have chalkboard labels on the baskets for easy organization. Another affordable option is a desk that looks like a designer piece, but is actually made out of budget-friendly materials. The sleek, minimalist design fits well in any room and is easy to use.

School supplies

A wall organizer can help students stay organized, whether they are in a dorm room or at home. This two-basket wood wall organizer can be used for school supplies and other paperwork. Each basket has a chalkboard label for easy organization. Another great option is a low-cost desk. This affordable model looks like a designer piece and offers three storage drawers. Its minimalist design fits well with any decor and can be placed in a small space.