Like you, I love sea salt. Not only does it bring me back to the sunny days of my childhood, it makes for a great dipping salt and pepper shaker.

Now, Im not the greatest cook, and Im not terribly talented at cooking with salt and pepper, but I know I can still come up with some very good dishes when it comes to the salt and pepper department. The thing is, no matter how much Ive tried, I still cant seem to get a great mixture of salty flavor.

This is why I decided to head over to eBay to see if there was anything like the Sea Salt and Pepper Shakers Im used to. I went there, bought all sorts of different salt and pepper grinders, and then decided to see what it was like.

I made some notes about the different types of salt and pepper grinders that I liked. Some were much better than others and some I didnt really like, but I knew it was only the quality of the product that mattered. If it was salt and pepper that I was buying, then it was probably fine.

To my surprise, I didnt like a lot of the items on the shelf, but I did like a few things. The one thing I liked, and something I recommend to all, are the salt and pepper making contraption. This is something Ive never had before but have heard really good things about.

It has a little cup inside that makes salt and pepper, and it doesnt take much for it to create about three cups of delicious salt and pepper. Ive been known to use it for other things besides salt and pepper, but whatever you do, dont just leave it out in the open!

The other thing I bought was a Sea Salt and Pepper mixing box. To be honest, Im not really sure what the big deal is here, but I guess it does mix two kinds of salt together.

Thats good for people who like to make their own salt and pepper, but the thing I like about this is that you can make the salt mixture of your choice. You can add to it whatever kind of salt you prefer, and the more complex the mixture, the more tasty it will be.

Of course, I also purchased a Sea Salt and Pepper Tea Kettle, which is a must have item for any salt and pepper lover. It makes a very tasty tea.

It also makes a great refreshing beverage for anybody who doesnt like the taste of pepper or salt. Many people prefer the subtle taste of the tea, so it makes a great gift.

In addition to all these items, I also purchased some salt and pepper crackers. I like them because they have lots of small holes in them that makes it easy to grate and mix the salt and pepper to your hearts content.

I liked most of these great things, but honestly, they are just a few things that I like in my kitchen. If you like salt and pepper, you should check out the different items on eBay, as well as finding them in your local stores.