There are several different types of pantry shelving. These include Lazy Susans, Over-the-door adjustable shelves, and wire shelves. At The Home Depot, you can purchase the parts and accessories you need to build your own pantry shelving system. They also sell wall studs and fasteners. Before you purchase your shelving, check the load capacity of the units you want to purchase.

Wire shelves

Wire shelves for pantry shelving are available at The Home Depot in a wide variety of styles and finishes. These shelves are designed to keep items within easy reach and organized. The Home Depot also sells various accessories, including wall studs and fasteners. You can also find the load limits and parts you need to assemble your own pantry shelving.

Over-the-door adjustable shelves

An over-the-door adjustable shelf can be a great storage solution for your closet or door. They have a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate every style of space and are available in a variety of materials. The Home Depot also offers accessories for your new shelves such as fasteners and wall studs.


A walk-in pantry can benefit from steel racks to add extra storage space. You can find both decorative and utilitarian steel racks at The Home Depot. You can also use stacked shelves to make better use of vertical space. The important thing is to make sure you get stacked shelves that fit your pantry. A good storage system will also include baskets and bins, which can divide your pantry into different sections or zones. You can use deep baskets for items you don’t use often and shallow baskets for grouping items you use frequently. There are also stackable basket systems that can be used for pantry storage.

Storage bins

When it comes to pantry shelving, you can get creative with different types of storage bins and racks. You can use decorative ones to make the space more visually appealing, or you can use utilitarian ones to save space. You can also stack shelves to make the most of the vertical space in your pantry. Adding bins and baskets will also allow you to create zones and sections within the space. For example, you can store infrequently used items on deep shelves, while shallow ones are ideal for grouping similar items. If you have a walk-in pantry, you can install a pegboard or rack system.

Lazy susans can take advantage of storage in difficult-to-reach corners. There are also portable ones that are perfect for storing spices. You can also use spice racks, which can be installed on walls or placed directly on shelves. Storage containers for your spices will make them easier to access and preserve freshness for longer. Walk-in pantry cabinets can also come with pull-out drawers for convenience.