There are several ways to organize your dresser tops. You can go with a minimalist approach, expandable drawers, or cubbies. Acrylic organizers are another option. If you’d like to add a little extra decor to your dresser, consider adding a lamp or vase of flowers.


A minimalist design for dresser tops can give your space a more open feeling. This is especially true in smaller bedrooms. The key is to keep the decor simple so that the piece doesn’t overpower the room. Minimal accents can help play up the openness of the room, making your dresser appear larger than it actually is.

A minimalist home is also all about using space efficiently. Avoid dark colors, as they can make a room feel cramped. Instead, use light colors that make the room look spacious. Avoid prints and other items that are too busy, since these distract from a minimalist decor. Keep things neutral and in solid colors to keep the space looking fresh.

The top of your dresser is a prime place for storage. You may wish to store items you don’t use everyday, such as perfume bottles or jewelry. To display these items in a more appealing way, you can add a stylish tray to the top. This way, you can easily access these items when you need them.

Expandable drawers

If you’re looking for a quick way to organize your dresser, expandable drawer dividers are a great option. These dividers expand to fit the length of most dresser drawers and are made of durable plastic. They also feature a convenient lock, making them easy to install and remove.

Before you purchase expandable drawer organizers, you should measure the drawer space and select organizers accordingly. Make sure the dividers will allow a couple of inches of movement. Also, consider if you have any items that are awkwardly shaped. The organizers should be able to accommodate them.

Expandable drawers are also a great way to keep smaller items organized. Many of them come with separate compartments so you can easily identify items. Some dividers even come with custom inserts, allowing you to create your own compartments. This way, you can prevent small items from getting lost.

These expandable drawers are also highly customizable. You can choose the size of your bins based on your needs. For example, you can choose a narrow, medium, or wide bin and then fill it with small items. If you don’t have enough space for a full-sized organizer, you can also choose a smaller one for a more affordable price. This is a great way to get more storage space in your dresser without breaking the bank.

Professional organizers use clear plastic or metal to organize the drawers. You can also choose to have a wooden organizer that has an attractive appearance. Bamboo is a good choice for this option because it matches the interior of most kitchen drawers. You can also buy dresser organizers made of linen or canvas. Just be sure to choose a material that is soft and won’t harm delicate clothes.

Creating cubbies

Creating cubbies for dresser-top organization can make it easier to store clothes and other items. They can be used as laundry bags, home bars, or even TV cabinets. Because cubbies are open-faced and removable, they offer easy access to the items you need to store.

You can also use closet doors to store clothes. These can be used to create extra storage space and prevent neatly folded clothing from falling over. Another great option is to use wall-mounted shelves or tubs to store additional items. To make more space, you can also add wall-mounted shelves or floor-to-ceiling shelving units. If you don’t have room for a dresser, choose tall shelves.

A solid white fabric cube shelf can add a chic visual element to your room. Weathered wooden cubes can be a beautiful addition to any room. They blend well with most decors and create a rustic farmhouse-chic vibe. Target has several great options for cubes that come in a variety of sizes.

Another option is to use old bookshelves. These are cheap and easy to find. They are also easy to move and take up little space. However, they aren’t recommended for books and other heavy objects. You can also use cardboard boxes with plastic baskets in them. Wrapping paper or contact paper can be used to dress them up. You can also remove some of the shelves to create more space. Moreover, you can add adhesive hooks to the shelves.

Modular storage shelves are great for growing families as they can be adjusted without having to reinstall them. If your child grows, you can easily adjust the height and width of the storage space. These storage systems are perfect for children who grow up and don’t have a lot of room for their toys. You can also use them as media consoles or cabinets.

Using acrylic organizers

Acrylic organizers can help dresser tops become more organized. These clear trays can be stacked to create more storage space, and they can make it easy to see what’s inside. They also make it easier to match accessories. The extra wall space can be used to store small accessories, or difficult-to-place items. Some are even over-the-door organizers, which can be useful for corralling folded towels.

Another option for dresser top organization is to use paper boxes. These boxes can be very versatile, as they’re shallow and can fit folded items. They’re also a great way to store makeup and jewelry. If you’re feeling crafty, you can also create your own custom-made boxes out of quirky scrapbooking papers.

You can even use acrylic organizers to organize your makeup and other beauty products. Some of these units can fit inside a drawer, and they come with multiple dividers, so you’ll be able to keep all your beauty staples organized. Another option is to use a rotating storage unit system, which makes the dresser look elegant and modern.

Using acrylic organizers for dresser tops can make your cosmetics and jewelry easily accessible. Some organizers can also accommodate taller makeup bottles and eye shadow palettes. They’re available at The Container Store and come in a variety of combinations. The clear stacking drawers also allow you to easily see the contents. In addition, they’ll help you keep daily items within easy reach.