Healthy snacks for dogs are a great way to give your pooch a healthy treat. The benefits of these treats are numerous, but there are also some ingredients to avoid. Here are a few healthy treats you can make for your dog. If you want to make your own healthy snacks for dogs, consider combining pumpkin and peanut butter. The combination is delicious and both flavors help your dog retain muscle mass. These treats can be cut into squares with a cookie cutter.


Recipes for healthy snacks for dogs include treats and baked goods. Often, these snacks are simple and require few ingredients. Peanut butter, bananas, and wheat flour are great options. If you want to add a little crunch, add bacon. However, make sure to watch your dogs’ calorie intake as bacon is high in fat.

Peanut butter is a great source of protein and healthy fat. Keep in mind that it’s important to avoid peanut butter that contains Xylitol, which is toxic to dogs. Various nuts and nut butters are also toxic. Flour is another great option, as most types will work.

Vegetables are also a great option for dogs. They are loaded with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Vegetables are low in calories and are also beneficial for digestive health. They also contain antioxidants, enzymes, and phyto-nutrients. As long as you keep the portions moderate, vegetables can be a great snack for dogs.

Biscuits are another healthy snack for dogs. A five-ingredient biscuit made with oats and peanut butter is a great source of fiber. You can use oats or flour, and add other ingredients like bacon or blueberries. For a delicious treat, try using a silicone paw print tray to bake the biscuits. You can also try making apple biscuits, but remember to avoid using the seeds since apple seeds can be poisonous to dogs.

Pumpkin is another great healthy ingredient for dog treats. Pumpkin contains beta-carotene, vitamin A, and fiber. In addition, pumpkin is high in potassium and iron. However, make sure to use plain canned pumpkin without added sweeteners. You can also add cinnamon to dogs’ treats as it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Calorie count

For your dog to stay healthy and happy, you can feed him healthy snacks made at home. These snacks should be low in calories and contain fiber and vitamins. For example, bananas are great treats for your pooch, and they are loaded with vitamins A and C. They can be fed raw or cooked.

Dogs can be overweight due to various reasons, and it’s important to choose snacks that will not add to their weight. Many treats for dogs are high in calories, sugar, and other unhealthy ingredients. It’s important to choose a natural brand that doesn’t contain xylitol, which is toxic to dogs. It’s also important to avoid starchy snacks and high calorie snacks. Healthy dog treats can still be given to your dog, but you should monitor the amount and frequency of feeding them.

To determine the calorie content of homemade treats, you can use the USDA FoodData database. You can also do some basic math to determine the amount of calories in a treat. The average 20-pound dog needs 325 to 400 calories daily, and treats should provide about 32 to 40% of that. A small banana contains approximately 90 calories.

Peanut butter is another good option. Peanut butter is high in protein, and is a good source of healthy fat. However, you should keep in mind that many peanut butters are high in Xylitol, which is toxic to dogs. Other types of nuts and nut butters can also be toxic for dogs.

If you’re worried that your dog will get overweight, you can consider making homemade healthy snacks for your dog. These snacks are low in calories, and can be a healthy alternative for store-bought treats. Just remember to limit the amount of treats your dog eats. The goal is to keep their weight under control.

Fruits and vegetables are also excellent low-calorie snacks for dogs. However, remember to leave out the seeds and core. You can also give them green peas as treats. Most dogs love green peas, and you can use them as a training treat or as a treat.

Ingredients to avoid

When making healthy snacks for your dog, it’s important to avoid foods that contain certain additives. For example, artificial preservatives can be harmful when ingested or exposed to long-term exposure. One example is ethoxyquin, which is used as a fat preservative and pesticide. It has been linked to reproductive toxicity and cancer. The most current information is based on a 1991 paper, but beware of any food that may contain ethoxyquin or other ingredients.

Thankfully, there are many healthy ingredients that you can add to your dog’s diet. Just make sure to avoid these 24 common ingredients. Unlike human food, many dog treats contain these ingredients. Always read the label of your dog’s food before you give it to your dog.

Beef and chicken are two of the best options for protein-packed treats. Beef is cheap and contains essential amino acids needed for muscle growth. It is also a good source of energy. Chicken is another inexpensive protein source that is high in energy. While chicken is a healthy protein source, some dogs are sensitive to chicken, so be sure to avoid chicken treats made from chicken. Turkey is another meat option that is safe to use as a protein-rich snack for dogs. The downside is that turkey meat is more expensive than chicken, but it’s worth it if your dog is chicken-sensitive.

Another ingredient to avoid when making healthy snacks for dogs is fillers. These additives add unnecessary calories and fiber to food, but they are not healthy for your dog. They can also cause health problems. For example, grains can cause allergies, and they are also not designed to be digested by dogs. Grain-filled products also add unnecessary carbohydrates to a food, which can contribute to obesity and diabetes in dogs.

Soy: While soy may be useful for humans, it has little nutritional value for pets. Plant-based sources of protein do not provide the same amount of protein as meat protein, making them ineffective as protein for body processes and energy.