Voluntown is a small town in New London County, Connecticut, with a population of 2,570. It was originally part of Windham County, Connecticut, from 1726 until 1881. The town is home to several museums and parks. There are also several historic sites in the area.

Parks and museums in Voluntown

Voluntown, Connecticut, offers a variety of hiking trails, museums, and parks. The town also has a playground and picnic areas. Many people choose to spend the day hiking or just relaxing in one of the many parks in the area. There are many attractions near Voluntown that are perfect for families.

Voluntown is a small, rural community with two-thirds of its land being state forest. You can enjoy hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities. The town center features a library, town hall, and K-8 elementary school. The town has a rich history, dating back to 1721 when it was incorporated. Before that, it was known as Volunteer Town.

Outdoor activities in Voluntown

There are several ways to enjoy the outdoors in Voluntown, Connecticut. This quaint rural town is located in New London County, Connecticut and is home to over two-thirds of the state forest, Pachaug State Forest. Voluntown features a public library and school located in the village center. Founded in 1721, the town is rich in history and has a diverse landscape that offers many outdoor activities.

Historic sites in Voluntown

Voluntown is a historical town in southern Rhode Island. This small village was settled by the survivors of the Narragansett Indian War during the 1670s. The town was incorporated in 1721. The residents were mainly English and Scotch-Irish settlers. Before this, there were Pequot settlements in the area. However, the Pequot War decimated these settlements, which resulted in the extermination of the Pequot people.

Voluntown is a town located in New London County. It borders on the state forest and is known for its abundant outdoor recreation. It has a village center that includes the Town Hall, the Voluntown Library, and the K-8 elementary school. Voluntown has a long and interesting history. The town was originally called Volunteer Town, and was incorporated in 1721.

There are several historic sites in Voluntown that are worth seeing. The Wylie School is one of the oldest buildings in town and is a one-story wood frame schoolhouse. The schoolhouse served the town’s students until 1939. Another historic building in the town is the Methodist Church Meeting House. The church was built in 1841 and was used until the 1960s. It has unique architecture, including an incline floor and a pulpit.

The town of Voluntown is in the process of holding a town meeting and referendum on the fate of the historic Methodist Meeting House. The town’s Historical Society has argued for the preservation of the structure. The town owns the property at 2 Church St. The town acquired the property through a lien on a property owned by a private party.