A friend of mine, Leslie, lives in a home in Texan with her husband. She describes herself as a “control freak” who keeps a pretty tidy house. She got to know The Home Edit via Instagram, so she reached out to them to see if they could recommend a product. Leslie was impressed by the brand’s feed and decided to buy one during Black Friday. After the holiday season, Leslie began working with the brand and became a customer.

Leslie’s solution to refrigerator organization

In the coffee shop where Leslie runs, the refrigerator has become a place people can visit whenever they want to buy groceries. The freezer holds plenty of food, and the adjacent shelf holds non-perishable items. This fridge is open throughout the day, and people visit it all the time. Leslie accepts requests from patrons and passes them along to donors.

The HVACR Heritage Centre is a volunteer-driven heritage organization with a mission to document and preserve the history of HVACR and refrigeration technologies. In addition to the museum, the HVACR Heritage Centre maintains a virtual museum where visitors can learn more about the industry. It also features many stories about the people who work in the field, from the earliest days to today’s innovations. The HVACR Heritage Centre also provides information on the history of refrigeration and air conditioning in Canada.

iDesign’s wooden collection

The wooden collection by iDesign offers beautiful storage solutions in a variety of sizes. Made from Paulownia wood, this collection offers 15 different designs and two finishes. These storage solutions can be customised to fit your specific needs. For example, if you have a lot of smaller items in your kitchen, you can opt for the Sand Open-Front Bin.

iDesign’s wooden collection for the house edit and iDesign storage drawer are available in different sizes and designs. Some are small and perfect for small items, while others are large enough to fit larger kitchen items. They also have clear drawers that can be used for linens and sweaters. Clear containers are one of the trademarks of the Home Edit look, and this drawer organizer from The Container Store has a clear top and nice handles. It also features a convenient divider in the middle.

Stackable all-purpose drawers

Stackable all-purpose drawers are a practical way to store items that are not always easy to reach. They are designed with clear, stackable sides, and a removable divider to separate your most frequently used items. These storage options are also BPA-free and shatter-resistant. They are also ideal for use in the bathroom, as they can be used to store bathroom toiletries and cosmetics.

Whether you need to store makeup palettes, craft supplies, or a small toy box, these drawers are designed to be versatile. Whether you need a place to store your small makeup kit, a place to store your favorite nail polish, or a place to keep your hair clips and jewelry, you can find the perfect storage solution. Luckily, iDesign and The Home Edit have designed a range of organizers to help you achieve a minimalist style in your home.

Divided lazy susans

The Home Edit team created a specialized version of a traditional Lazy Susan called a divided Lazy Susan. Its dividers can be removed, which makes sorting items a breeze. The bin also helps to keep everything upright. This handy item is a must-have for anyone who wants clutter-free cabinets.

It comes in several sizes, including one for the kitchen. The larger models are perfect for organizing larger kitchen items. These drawers are also useful for other areas of the house, such as linens and sweaters. They also feature clear containers, which give them a signature look. These products can be found at The Container Store.

Tall bin organizer

The Home Edit has teamed up with iDesign to create an entire line of storage solutions. This line of storage solutions features a clear, plastic storage drawer, removable divider, and integrated handles. These products will help you organize everything from utensils to lost items.