Black Lava Hawaiian Sea Salt is not only very natural in description. It is one of the premium Hawaiian sea salts that is very unique in its own way. It is unique because it has a combination of three special things. What are these three special things? They are taste, individual color, and mineral content. Black lava Hawaiian sea salt does stand out for having all three of these very special things. What makes this sea salt different from other sea salts is its color that comes from activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is also called activated carbon and it is a type of carbon that has small pores riddled within it. These small pores are used exclusively for either adsorption or chemical reaction.

Black lava Hawaiian sea salt is harvested in the pacific waters with the assistance of solar evaporation techniques that are traditional in description. These solar evaporation methods permit the salt crystals to form naturally with all of there trace minerals included. This salt gets its natural color from coconut shell charcoal that is activated. This charcoal is infused along with the sea salt to bring about this natural coloring that is truly one of a kind. The process of infusion between the activated charcoal and the sea salt crystals is what does give a lot of abundant health benefits.

What are some of the health rewards that go along with Black lava Hawaiian sea salt? Black lava Hawaiian sea salt has lots of health benefits. Some of these health benefits are tied to antioxidant properties and does also involve helping to enhance good digestive health overall.

Black Lava Hawaiian Sea Salt not only has a very stunning black color that comes from lava. It also has a very silky type of texture, in addition, and a natural flavor that has its very own taste. This natural salt flavor comes from the activated charcoal in it. It is also a salt that is used as a finishing salt and a roasting salt. This is because its smoky top nose that comes directly from purified volcanic charcoal. This naturally flaky and coarse sea salt is perfect for foods such as halibut that has been seared, eggplant medallions that have been grilled, eggs Benedict, and Caesar salad for example. This salt is also naturally flaky and has a crunch to it.

Black Lava Hawaiian sea salt contains iron oxide. This is a very important nutrient for the human system. Activated charcoal is said to have a reputation for being a detoxifying agent and an antidote for some poisons. It also has lots of other medicinal properties. So, with all of this said, this sea salt is definitely something very good for you from a health standpoint.