The town of Thompson is located in Windham County, Connecticut. It was named after English landholder Sir Robert Thompson and has a population of 9,189 as of the 2020 census. It has an abundance of activities and attractions, making it a popular destination for families, romantic getaways, and business trips.

Places to stay

There are a number of places to stay in Thompson, Montana, including hotels and bed and breakfasts. The Town of Thompson is a relatively new destination and there are many nearby attractions that can be reached from a hotel. For more information about the area, visit Trippy, an online travel community.

If you’re flying into Thompson, consider staying in one of the local hotels. They provide free WiFi and breakfast and many offer fitness facilities. Alternatively, you can try renting a vacation home. Many of these properties are cheaper than hotels and offer top-notch amenities. Many are also pet-friendly.

Some Thompson hotels offer free room upgrades for their customers. The policy varies by hotel, but many offer this perk. It’s worth calling ahead to ensure you can get the room you want. Many Thompson hotels also offer family rooms. These rooms are large and have an adjoining room with a common door.


Located in Windham County, Connecticut, Thompson is home to a variety of museums, restaurants, and shopping areas. Its population is 9,189, according to the 2020 census. The town was named for English landholder Sir Robert Thompson. A number of historic buildings are located in the town. Many visitors are captivated by the town’s architecture and unique culture.

Visitors may enjoy the mystery mountain winter park, the Spirit Way Pathway, Pisew Falls Provincial Park, Paint Lake Provincial Park, and MacLean Park. The area also offers many accommodations and services, including guides, big box stores, restaurants, and pubs. Thompson also has a convenient airport for air travel.

Visitors to Thompson may also choose to explore the Boreal Forest Discovery Center, where they can learn about the natural beauty of this region and its wildlife. The museum also offers guided tours of the forest. Visitors can also try snowmobiling, which offers a unique way to see the beautiful area during the winter season. While exploring Thompson, it is also worthwhile to stop by the Old Jail Museum, where local history is preserved. Visitors may also enjoy learning about the famous fur trader David Thompson.


Restaurants in Thompson, Ontario, Canada offer a variety of choices for those looking for a great meal. From fine dining to casual dining, there is something to fit your taste buds. If you are planning a vacation to Thompson, or you are just passing through the area, here are some suggestions for places to eat.


Thompson is a town located in Windham County, Connecticut. It was named after an English landholder named Sir Robert Thompson. As of the 2020 census, the town had a population of 9,189. The town is a popular destination for families and is home to numerous attractions. You can enjoy a day at the park, or explore the historic downtown area.

Activities in Thompson include hiking and camping. If you are a music lover, you will want to attend the Thompson Music Festival to catch a live band. On Aug. 12, the Thompson Center on Lourdes will be moving to Sacred Heart Parish. Some activities, like line dancing and pickleball, will be cancelled in the meantime. However, you can expect to see the Thompson Center again once repairs are complete. The renovation process could take several months.

If you are interested in history, you can visit the Thompson Falls Museum, which is housed in the city’s old jail. Inside, you can see artifacts and historical photos. The museum also has a cafe with friendly staff and a small gift shop. You can also visit Thompson Falls State Park to explore the pine forests. The park offers camping sites, nature walks, fishing, and swimming.

Places to see

Thompson is a charming town in Windham County, Connecticut, United States. It was named for English landholder Sir Robert Thompson. Its population is estimated to be 9,189 as of the 2020 census. Thompson is home to many museums, historic sites, and parks. There are also a number of places to eat and shop in Thompson.

The Thompson Falls Museum is located in a former jail and features artifacts and historical photos. The museum also has a charming cafe and a small gift shop. Visitors can also visit Thompson Falls State Park and enjoy the pine forest. The park also offers hiking trails, swimming, fishing, and camping opportunities.

Thompson Pond Preserve has two handicapped parking spots and one van accessible parking space. Designated as a National Natural Landmark in 1973, the pond is home to a variety of species, including birds and fish. The Nature Conservancy manages the preserve, which includes 387 species of plants, 162 species of birds, and 27 species of mammals.

The city is also home to the Wolf Mural, which is a famous piece of art. There are several things to see in Thompson, including the Heritage North Museum, the Millennium Trail, and Paint Lake Provincial Park. There are also several things to do in Thompson during the winter, including the Mystery Mountain Winter Park.

Thompson Falls State Park is another place to see in Thompson, Idaho. This park is situated along the Clark Fork River. The waterfall has a huge dam. You can picnic by the waterside while you watch the fall. You can also shop for souvenirs and other things in Thompson. You can also visit the Old Jail Museum for some local history.