If you’re looking for an adventure in Maryland, you might consider things to do in Salisbury. The city is the county seat of Wicomico County and is the largest city in the Eastern Shore area. Its population is approximately 33,050, and it is also the principal city of the Salisbury, Maryland-Delaware Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Salisbury’s zoological park

Salisbury’s zoological Park is a 12-acre zoo located in a city park in Salisbury, Maryland. It is home to primarily North American, South American, and Australian species. However, the zoo also houses some species that are not native to the United States.

The Salisbury Zoo is free to visit. It has a variety of animals, including bears, otters, and flamingos. The zoo is a great place for children to learn about wildlife and how to care for it. It also offers educational programs and events throughout the year.

While you’re visiting the Salisbury Zoo, you may want to consider spending some time in the park’s beautiful gardens. These are also open to the public and make for an excellent way to relax after a busy day exploring the park. The butterfly garden, zoo cafe, and picnic areas offer plenty of outdoor space for families to take advantage of.

The Salisbury Zoo opened in 1954 in a city park and was later remodeled and expanded. Today, the zoo is one of the few free public zoos in the country. It features a wide variety of animals from North, South, and Central America.

Salisbury’s arts centre

Salisbury’s Arts Centre is the place to go if you want to enjoy live theatre, comedy, music, and exhibitions. It’s also where you can catch arthouse films. The cultural complex also houses a bar. Here, you can have a drink and enjoy some live entertainment.

If you’re in the mood for live theatre or dance, you should visit Salisbury’s Arts Centre. It is part of Wiltshire Creativ and houses a number of exciting events. The centre also hosts workshops for children and adults and offers a cafe for lunch or a snack.

Salisbury’s Arts Centre has a rich history of bringing people together to promote local arts and culture. It has worked with artists from diverse backgrounds to develop creative opportunities for marginalised groups. The council’s decision to cut funding from the arts centre is unfair and will have a significant impact on many disadvantaged residents of Wiltshire.

The Salisbury Arts Centre is an aesthetically pleasing, historic listed building that’s located in a quiet garden. In spring, the area is filled with daffodils. The building, which was formerly a redundant church, was opened in 1975. The Arts Centre also houses the Salisbury Playhouse and Salisbury International Arts Festival. In 2018, it became part of Wiltshire Creative, a cultural organisation that focuses on the arts.

Salisbury’s market

Salisbury’s market has been in continuous operation since 1269. In medieval times it was a much larger square than it is now, and was built to accommodate permanent shops. Today, you can find a wide variety of produce and other items in the market stalls, as well as wares such as fish, wool, and specialist gifts. The stalls are laid out in a variety of styles, with many featuring outdoor seating areas.

Originally, the market was a place where local traders and farmers could sell their wares. In the thirteenth century, it was formally established and is still held every Tuesday and Saturday. The mediaeval market was much larger than the market of today, and it was organized in a way that clustered similar stalls together. The streets were also named according to the goods sold.

Salisbury’s market is the beating heart of the city. The renaissance of the Market Place aims to create a distinctive public realm that is a focus for the community, businesses, and residents. Ultimately, the new look will help bring back the magic of the market and re-energize the city.

The market’s charter was written to protect the interests of local traders and prevent a rival market from blocking trade. In order to maintain its position as the city’s main market, the charter required that it remain open and unobstructed. However, the city’s bailiffs used intimidation to prevent merchants from proceeding. They often forced them to sell in the Wilton market. When they refused to comply, they would hijack the goods of merchants who resisted.

The history of the market grant to New Salisbury is a little confused. The bishop of Salisbury sought repeated market licences from the local government, but these were generally not granted for short periods. It is possible that the Bishop of Salisbury was being cautious in an era of change in government, or that he was responding to complaints made by the town of Wilton.

Skydiving in Salisbury

If you’re looking to go skydiving, Salisbury’s skydiving facility is one of the best in the country. The town is located near the famous Stonehenge monument, and is just a short drive from Bristol, Oxford, and London. The skydiving facility is run by GoSkydive, the UK’s only specialist tandem skydiving centre.

The centre offers a number of skydiving packages, including tandem skydiving in Salisbury. The first step in this adventure is a short training session. Skydiving in Salisbury begins with a 15-minute safety briefing, which is approved by the British Parachute Association. Once you’ve completed the briefing, you’ll be ready to jump!

Salisbury’s skydiving center offers 10k and 15,000-foot jumps. It’s the highest jump in the UK, and you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking natural landscapes. You can even visit Stonehenge on your way down. If you’re a beginner, you can also jump from 10,000 feet in an open-air aircraft. Afterwards, you’ll experience the rush of freefall, which will last for days!

Once you’ve decided to do a skydive, the instructors will walk you to the aircraft and strap your harnesses on you. Once inside the aircraft, the instructors will give you a thumbs-up sign before you go free-falling. You’ll experience a life-changing experience. Just make sure that you’re at least eighteen years old.

Once you’re ready to jump, you’ll enjoy a spectacular experience with your instructor. During the 10-minute tandem skydive, you and your instructor will free-fall at speeds of up to 125mph. After the jump, you’ll descend to earth at a speed of thirty miles per hour, with the instructor guiding you through the entire process. If you’re nervous about jumping, he or she will answer all your questions and ensure your safety.

Activities at the New Forest National Park

If you’re a lover of the outdoors and are looking for activities in Salisbury, consider spending a day in the New Forest National Park. The park is home to many activities for people of all ages. The New Forest is a great place to explore by bike and on foot. There are well-marked trails and plenty of places to stop for picnics.

This park is great for outdoor activities – the area is covered in forests, heathlands, and even wild New Forest ponies. There are also quaint villages in the area that are popular with tourists, particularly around Valentine’s Day. Many of the villages offer letter stamping, which is great fun if you’re a romantic. You can also participate in the New Forest Walking Festival, which offers history hikes, nature walks, and family strolls.

The New Forest is home to many wildlife species, including deer. There are several species of deer in the area, including roe deer, fallow deer, red deer, and sika deer. There is also a small population of muntjac.

The area also has two award-winning breweries. Visitors can sample award-winning ales in several local pubs. There are several festivals and fairs throughout the year, including the famous Salisbury International Arts Festival. In July, the New Forest Show takes place. During the summer months, Salisbury is also home to many horse racing events. The town also hosts several concerts, and Wilton House and Broadlands Estate hold concerts and other musical events.