If you are looking for a hidden destination, look no further than Readlyn. The city boasts a splash pad, tennis, sand volleyball and basketball courts, a six-mile paved path, and an array of outdoor activities. The mayor of Readlyn saw the need to provide these amenities because many kids were traveling to neighboring towns for recreational activities.

Readlyn is a hidden destination

If you are looking for a hidden destination in Iowa, you may want to check out Readlyn. This town has a small-town feel and a lot to offer families, especially children. The city has a community fund that supports new projects to help keep the community thriving.

Located in northeast Iowa, Readlyn boasts the beauty of fertile fields, clean air, and a friendly community. The people of Readlyn take pride in their hometown and enjoy being part of the community. They are educated, friendly, and community-minded. They work hard to make their town a place that visitors can enjoy.

It has a splash pad

The city of Readlyn, Iowa, is a beautiful, peaceful place to live. The town is nestled in Bremer County and offers residents a picturesque view of the surrounding fertile fields. This town also boasts clean air and a friendly community. The city’s residents take great pride in the city and its quality of life. They are friendly, well educated and community-minded.

It has basketball, tennis and sand volleyball courts

Recreational facilities can help residents keep active. Tennis courts are open from dusk to 10 p.m. and sand volleyball courts are located on the north side of Watkins Road. To reserve a court, residents need to fill out a Facility Reservation Request.

It has a 6-mile paved path

There are several options for bikers and pedestrians who are looking to explore Readlyn. There is the Waverly Jefferson Trail, which connects to the city of Denver, and the Readlyn Grump Trail, which connects to the City of Readlyn. Both trails are very popular with both families and pet owners.

The Trolley Trail is a 6-mile paved path and gravel path that crosses the city. The path follows the old Portland Traction Company streetcar right-of-way, which was acquired by Metro in 2001. The project was in the works since the early 1970s, and community groups have worked diligently to see the project become reality.

It has a community foundation

Readlyn is a small community in northeast Iowa that offers fertile fields, clean air, and a welcoming community. Its residents are proud of their hometown and its quality of life is unsurpassed. Its people are friendly, educated, and community-minded. There are many opportunities in the town, and everyone is encouraged to get involved.

Interested residents can apply for a grant from the Readlyn Community Fund. There are a number of requirements to be met in order to receive a grant. Nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and schools are all eligible to apply. Grant requests may range between $500 and $5,000. To apply, applicants must show a direct benefit to Readlyn residents and demonstrate community support.