Closet solutions for small spaces can take a variety of forms. These can include a small dresser that fits beneath the hanging clothes and holds accessories and shoes. Another solution is to roll bulky items into baskets. You can also add shelf dividers to keep stacks from forming. These solutions will make a closet look more spacious.

Coat racks maximize space

Coat racks are a great way to maximize space in small spaces. While they are most commonly found in entryways, they also make great additions to other rooms. Some models come with a mirrored organizer and a full-length mirror. These features allow you to try on coats before you leave the house and hide the mess created while getting ready.

A coat rack can be free-standing or attached to the wall, depending on the amount of space you have to work with. Some designs even include separate shelves. It’s important to know which style is right for your space. For example, a sophisticated-looking rack will look best in a living room with exposed interiors, while a simpler design will look best in a bedroom or cloakroom.

Corner wall-mounted coat racks are another great option. These units fit snugly into a corner and are a great way to maximize space in a small space. They require some basic tools, including a stud finder. Be sure to listen closely to the sound coming from the wall. Once you’ve located the studs, you can drill holes in the wall for the coat rack.

Clear glass shelving

Glass shelving is a great way to add storage to a small room. Its transparent surface makes it easy to clean and is incredibly durable. Installing glass shelves is also a snap. This type of shelf can be mounted easily and is extremely secure when properly installed. It also matches any color scheme and is easy to maintain.

One of the best features of glass shelving is its environmental benefit. Because glass is made from sand, it is recyclable and is easily available. The biggest concern with glass shelving is that it may break. However, glass shelving can be made thicker and tempered to resist impact. Glass can be a great choice if you’re concerned about the safety of your precious items. This type of shelving can also help you organize clutter.

Clear glass shelving is an excellent choice for a small room. The sleek finish will make your space appear larger. Some units even come with doors to protect your items. Glass shelves can hold up to 100 pounds.

Wire shelves

Wire shelving is an excellent solution for small spaces because of its ability to provide plenty of ventilation. Its gaps between the shelves allow for increased air circulation, while the open design makes it easy to see what’s stored. This type of shelving also does not collect moisture and does not warp. This makes it a durable and attractive option for storing heavier items.

Wire shelves can be installed in small areas with minimal effort. First, measure the height and width of your closet and buy shelves according to those measurements. Once you have decided on the number of shelves, ask the shelving salesperson to cut them to the appropriate length. You can also build a step stool for easier access to the higher shelves. This task requires at least 3/4-inch plywood and screws.

Wire shelves are also ideal for closets that have limited space. They offer more storage space and can also double as an additional shelf. Select the right material for the job and make sure there are two end supports and middle supports on each bracket. You can also choose a shelf that is twelve inches wide to create more storage space in a small space.

Over the door storage organizers

Over the door storage organizers are a great way to maximize storage space in small spaces. They can be made of a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, and canvas. Make sure to take measurements before you begin looking for an organizer to make sure it fits your space. Another important consideration is the durability of the product. If it’s not durable enough, your items may fall off and get damaged, so make sure it’s made of a sturdy material.

Door organizers are another great way to maximize storage space in small spaces. These are great for bathrooms, pantries, and workspaces. Many door hanging organizers are designed with clear pockets, so you can see what’s inside. These items can fit on one standard door or multiple doors to maximize storage space.

If you’re limited on space, you can mount an organizer to the wall. You can find a wide range of styles, colors, and materials that will match the decor of your space. There are even modular organizers that can be adjusted as your space changes.

Stacking crates

Crates make great storage solutions for small spaces. They are strong, durable and can be used in various ways. For example, they can be used as small storage boxes, or you can stack them up for larger storage. You can also use them to store linens and towels.

Organizing small spaces isn’t as difficult as you may think. You just need to know where to put things. You can do this by utilizing baskets on unused surfaces and underneath pieces of furniture. You can also hang items on walls. If you can’t find any closets, you can use open shelving in the room. It is a great way to utilize your space while still looking stylish.

A wooden crate makes a great storage solution for clothes. You can also line it with a cloth to keep your clothes from snagging on the wooden surface. You can also use wooden crates as a coffee table and a fruit stand. Crates are also great storage solutions for firewood.

Another useful solution for storage in small spaces is stacking crates. They are stackable and collapsible and are great for hiding things in closets, bathrooms, and kid’s rooms.

Floating open shelving units

A small room with a limited number of wall space can benefit from floating open shelving units. These units are ideal for displaying decorative items and home accessories. The floating shelves can be styled to complement the colors and theme of the room. Using home accessories or treasures collected on travels can give the shelves a personal flair. Using varying shades of a single color is a simple way to add depth to a shelf.

You can buy floating open shelving units at your local home improvement store or build your own with the help of a handyman. Choose shelves that are the appropriate thickness for the area. Thicker shelves are recommended for deep niches. If the space is shallow, choose thinner shelves. Place the shelves near a desk chair so you can access them easily. If you are using the shelving for display purposes, it is also helpful to place the shelves where you can easily stand up to reach the items you want to display.

Floating open shelving units can be placed in straight lines or in an asymmetrical pattern. For the best look, the shelves should be installed four to five feet above the floor. If you need to place the shelves over furniture, then set the spacing of the shelves at about ten inches higher than the height of the furniture. Similarly, you should place the shelves over the kitchen counter at about 16 to 24 inches above the counter.

Rolling clothes racks

Rolling clothes racks are a great way to keep your closet organized. Not only will you be able to see all of your clothes, but you’ll be able to organize them by color and size. Clothes can get pretty messy if you don’t have a system to keep them straight. A rolling rack will keep everything in one place and ensure easy access to all of your items.

Some rolling clothes racks come with shelves and bars for hanging your clothes. Others are designed with built-in shelves, and you can also add a separate hanging closet shelf. Whether you’re looking for a small space solution or a more permanent solution, there’s a rolling clothes rack out there for you.

Many rolling clothes racks come with wheels for easy mobility. This makes them great for laundry rooms, basement storage, and photo shoots. Look for wheels that have a brake to secure the shelves in place and are easy to maneuver.