The city of Mansfield, Ohio is a mid-sized Ohio city and county seat located in the northeastern region. Located in the western foothills of the Allegheny Plateau, Mansfield is midway between Cleveland and Columbus. There are several attractions in and around Mansfield that are sure to please visitors.

Richland Carrousel Park

If you are looking for an indoor ride with a history, Richland Carrousel Park is the place for you. The park opened in 1991 and is located in downtown Mansfield’s Historic Carrousel District. It is the first indoor wooden carousel to be built in the United States since the 1930s. The park’s attractions include rides and a gift shop.

Located on N. Main Street, the Richland Carrousel Park features a hand-carved carousel with thirty horse and animal figures. The figures are made by Carousel Works, a local company. The park also features a Stinson Band Organ and scenery panels. Visitors can also enjoy the park’s concession stand and free picnic area.

The park is located in Mansfield, Ohio. It is about 4.8 miles from I-71. Free parking is available at the park’s public parking lot. The rides are open to the public and cost nothing. The park also offers an excellent view of the city’s history.

The park also features a carousel that is reminiscent of a Midwestern menagerie. During the summer, this carousel is open to the public, and you can even rent the space for a birthday party. It can also be used for church and scout badge programs.

Kingwood Center Gardens

You’ll find more than one reason to visit Kingwood Center Gardens in Mansfield. This former estate grounds encompass 47 acres of formal gardens. You can also take a tour of the grounds. You’ll have the opportunity to view the grounds and tour the former mansion. The grounds are free to visit.

The garden was originally owned by Charles Kelly King in the early 1900s. After his death, Kingwood Center Gardens was put into a trust and endowment. The garden opened to the public in 1952. The 47-acre property is a popular destination during the warmer months. It is also home to many birds, including peacocks and waterfowl.

This historic estate includes a beautiful mansion, gardens and greenhouses. The grounds are located two miles west of downtown Mansfield. The estate was founded by Charles Kelley King, an industrialist and visionary at the Ohio Brass Company. Today, the garden is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and offers a wide range of educational programs.

In addition to the beautiful gardens, Kingwood Center Gardens also has a charming cafe that offers tasty treats. The gardens are also well-labeled, so you can see exactly which type of plant you’re viewing. The garden is also easy to walk through, with paths allowing you to take in the various plants and flowers. It’s a lovely place and one of my favorite stops in the Mansfield area.

The gardens are accessible from the B&O Trail. While the gardens are not wheelchair accessible, it is accessible for people with disabilities and the elderly. The gardens welcome all visitors.

Shady Lane Alpaca Farm

Shady Lane Alpacas in Mansfield is a great place to visit and learn about alpacas. Open to the public today and Sunday, the farm offers alpaca-related goods, horse cart rides, blacksmithing, aromatherapy and more. For those who want to buy something from the farm, there is a farm store full of alpaca fiber products. There are also homemade doughnuts and hot ham and beans to enjoy.

The farm has many events throughout the year. Alpacas are known to be calm and love visitors. Visitors should be careful not to scare the alpacas. They are pack animals and will stay together at events. During the fall, the farm hosts Fall Farm Days. This event is free and open to the public. For children ages two to 10 years, there are demonstrations and activities at the farm.

If you’re looking for something unique and fun to do with your children, you can visit Shady Lane Alpaca Farm in Ohio. This farm is located outside of Lexington and is best known for its alpacas. However, there’s plenty of fun to be had here for both kids and adults. Jean and John McClintock are the owners of the farm and welcome visitors to take part in their educational activities.

The farm also hosts special events for the public. You can participate in an Alpaca Farm Workshop, where you can learn how to handle alpacas and even hand feed them. Another event is the Alpaca Spa Day, where you can learn how to care for alpacas. You can even get your hands dirty by making alpaca soaps and rugs!

Ohio State Reformatory

Mansfield, Ohio State Reformatory is a historic prison located in the city of Mansfield, Ohio. This institution was constructed between 1886 and 1910 and remained active until 1990. It was closed down following a ruling of the United States Federal Court. This prison, which is a national historic site, has many interesting and historical points of interest.

Once home to young offenders, the Mansfield, Ohio State Reformatory is now a historic landmark that draws tourists from around the world. This former prison was also used as a film set for major motion pictures, including Air Force One and Shawshank Redemption. Visiting the prison can be a fun weekend activity for the whole family. Its imposing architecture makes it appear more like a castle than a prison. The building is also said to be haunted.

A visit to the Ohio State Reformatory is a fascinating experience for those who love history. Visitors can wander the halls of the building and walk in the footsteps of some of history’s most notorious prisoners. Its architecture was also the inspiration for the movie The Shawshank Redemption. In its century-and-a-half-long existence, it housed more than 155,000 men, including some who were convicted of felony offenses.

Another attraction worth checking out is the Bible Walk, which is a life-sized wax museum. This museum includes over 300 life-size wax figures and scenes from the Bible. Authentic costuming and murals are also on display. The museum also features a rare collection of biblical art.

The Ohio State Reformatory is a great place to visit when visiting Mansfield, Ohio. It is part of the Shawshank Trail and has appeared in several movies. The building’s impressive facade has made it a popular tourist destination. The prison has also featured in Air Force One.