When it comes to custom closet solutions, the Container Store excels. With 65 different displays, this company is one of the top places to go if you’re looking to design a closet. The company offers a free in-home design service that includes a professional measurement and design consultation. This design service is a great way to get a personalized design experience.

Shelf and drawer dividers save space

If you’re looking to make the most of your closet space, consider buying a shelf or drawer divider. These are useful for keeping clothes, shoes, and other items organized. These dividers will save you space, and they can make a messy shelf look like a pristine boutique. You can find a variety of dividers at The Container Store and they’re reasonably priced.

Drawer dividers keep items in their place, and they’re especially handy for organizing desk clutter. They’re also great for keeping personal hygiene items and first aid supplies separate. You can buy dividers at The Container Store starting at $5.99. If you’re planning on buying a drawer divider, you may want to consider investing in a more permanent solution.

If you’re looking to save space in your closet, you can use better folding techniques. For instance, you can tuck bras inside each other and put smaller handbags into larger ones. By using these simple methods, you can make your closet more functional and save space in the bedroom.

Another way to maximize your closet space is to choose bins that are opaque, which will give you an organized look. However, you should choose breathable bins so that the air in your closet can circulate around your clothing. You can also buy drawer organizers to make it easier to find small items. These dividers can also help you keep things such as belts, jewelry, and sunglasses from moving around.

Custom space aspirations

Whether you’re re-decorating your office, home, or storage space, Custom Closets at The Container Store are a great way to achieve your custom space aspirations. With 65 different displays and a professional, free design consultation, they’ll help you get started on your project, whether it’s a master closet or a simple storage solution.

In addition to offering custom closet solutions, The Container Store also offers closet design services. A trained expert will guide you through the process by taking your space and size requirements into account. They’ll also show you the different collections available, so you can choose the best fit for your space.

New store concept

The Container Store recently opened a new concept store, Container Store Custom Closets, focused on closet customization. The new concept offers a more personalized shopping experience, featuring 65 displays of different types of closets and related organization products. In addition, the store offers free design consultations and space measurement services.

Customers can explore closet designs by using 18 interactive touchscreens. The merchandising is reflective of real home settings, with solutions for both small and large projects. Employees are trained to be digital and one-on-one with customers, ensuring that every customer has the best experience possible. This new concept has helped the company increase traffic and customer trips.

A custom closet studio anchors the store, creating a destination that allows customers to visualize what is possible in their space. The studio includes a seating area where customers can gather inspiration for their own spaces. The Custom Design Center has interactive screens and a design book to provide inspiration and ideas. In addition to showcasing actual closet spaces, the new Custom Closet Studio also includes a new hospitality component, with a lounge area.