We’ve heard so much about pink Himalayan salt, why are there so many people who prefer the pink Himalayan salt instead of regular salt? When we heard the results of the recent survey of consumers in the health and beauty industry, we knew the pink Himalayan salt had to be the best natural product available. The end result was that our followers were unanimously for pink Himalayan salt – that is, they were 100% in agreement with us!

Consumers seem to be saying that Himalayan salt has more natural minerals in it than salt made with other minerals. The chemical content in salt usually does not allow this kind of mineral like zinc and magnesium to be included in a regular salt.

The pink Himalayan salt adds more real mineral content in the mineral mixes. It also includes the trace elements that are particularly important for good health.

This is what makes salt good for your body. You have to remember that some of the minerals found in salt are not readily available in nature, in mineral-rich sources such as the sea or the ground rock.

But when you get to salt made with the pink Himalayan salt, you get the best mineral content. There is no question that Himalayan salt is the best product, if you really want the best health.

The pink Himalayan salt contains no additives or impurities. It is made by pure natural ingredients. The best minerals are slowly extracted from the purest minerals and then mixed with just the right amount of extra minerals to get the right weight of minerals to be used.

The added nutrients are completely natural. That is why the minerals really are more readily available to the body.

There are less than 5 ingredients in a teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt. So you can see that even with this little more work, you can make your own high quality salt without added chemicals.

In general, no other salt is so closely related to nature and natural minerals. It is true that only the most serious health conscious eat all the natural food supplements available.

With all the hype on pink Himalayan salt, it’s easy to be tempted to try the salt. But remember that they’re not necessarily that much better than regular salt.

It is very important to distinguish between regular salt and pink Himalayan salt. And it’s also important to be aware of the fact that sometimes people will mix up pink Himalayan salt with regular salt, when it’s not necessary.