The Home Edit method begins with editing, or getting rid of unnecessary items. Too many things can clog a space and make it impossible to organize. Printed documents often take up more space than we realize. Instead, store important documents digitally. This will keep them safe and allow for easy searching. Using see-through storage solutions and labeling containers are also helpful.

Cost of organizing a closet

The cost of hiring a professional closet organizer is going to depend on the scope of your project. You can choose from a simple decluttering of one closet to a comprehensive reorganization of your entire home. The size of your project will determine how much manpower and hours will be needed. The organizer will also need time to prepare for your project. For example, if you’d like a custom closet system, the organizer will have to plan, design, and install it. This can add $150 or more to the price.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive approach, The Home Edit has several services that will fit your budget and schedule. Whether you’re looking for closet organization, kitchen redesign, storage space design, or functionality consultations, the company is here to help. While their in-person services are usually quite expensive, they do offer virtual services. A one-hour video chat consultation with a THE organizer costs $250. Typically, you’ll get full-set placement instructions as well.

The Home Edit is a celebrity favorite with a loyal fan base and impressive celebrity clientele. Prices range from $185 to $250 per hour for a two-person team, which includes all expenses such as travel and lodging. You can also opt for remote services if you live outside of these cities. The Home Edit also offers a consultation package for $250 that includes an hour of virtual time with a team of organizers.

Using see-through storage solutions

A see-through storage solution can help you organize your closet without taking up too much space. Using see-through boxes can help you visualize the backstock of your closet. For instance, you can use clear acrylic boxes to store hair products, jewelry, or other small items. You can also use these boxes to organize your closet by color.

The show’s organizers, Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, have a wealth of experience organizing spaces. They have worked on many celebrity homes and transformed them into beautiful, organized spaces. Closet organization is an easy way to improve your closet and make a style statement.

A multi-purpose organizer is a great way to keep your closet tidy and uncluttered. It features a sliding drawer, handles, and interior dividers. And it costs only $24 today! It’s an Amazon Prime Day deal, so you’ll be able to score it for a great price!

Labeling bins and containers

To get the most benefit from The Home Edit, label bins and containers clearly. Organizing a space can be difficult when there is too much clutter. Printed documents are a prime example. These items often take up more space than you realize. Instead of having piles of documents everywhere, consider storing them in digital format. This will preserve important documents while making them easy to find.

One way to label your catchall closet items is by using a label maker. You can purchase labels from The Home Edit website or you can print them out. You can even buy bin labels printed with your own text. Creating labels for your catchall containers will help your family members stay organized.

Another option for labeling bins and containers is to use a chalk marker. Chalk marker works nicely to write on clear containers. The Home Edit aesthetic emphasizes handwritten labels, but you can also use clip-on labels. In addition, if you want to be even more unique, you can label the inside of containers with a chalk marker.

The Home Edit team uses labels in every project. Whether it’s a bin or a box, the labels should be professionally grade. The labels should identify big groups of items and sub-sorts by zone. For example, your bathroom supplies should be labeled according to their location.

The Home Edit is a home organization team that has worked with a few famous people to create their stunning homes. They have a Netflix show called Get Organized with The Home Edit. The team shares tips and tricks that anyone can use to get their home organized. They also share tips with the public on their social media accounts.