Decluttering and labeling your belongings are important steps to organize a messy bedroom. Identify items that don’t belong in the bedroom and store them in storage bins. These steps will help you eliminate unnecessary clutter and make your bedroom feel more spacious. You can also organize a bedroom by using a system of drawers and cabinets.


One of the hardest areas of the home to declutter is the bedroom. While it is not a common place for guests to stop by, a bedroom can quickly turn into a dumping ground for clutter. As a result, it is often the last room to get organised. A professional declutterer, Kate Ibbotson, says that bedroom decluttering should be one of your last projects.

Before you can begin to declutter a bedroom, you must first determine what your vision is for the space. You will need to know what you want to do in the room and how it will make you feel. It may also be helpful to know the purpose of the room so that you can decide on the right furniture.

Your bedside table is another common place for clutter. Nightstands can contain everything from chargers to paperwork. Think about which items you don’t need, and get rid of them. You can also organize your drawers to make sure you can easily find what you need. One great way to do this is to take on the One Drawer a Day Decluttering Challenge.

If you have extra shoes, consider getting rid of them. If you don’t need them, donate them, recycle them, or throw them away. A tidy bedroom will help you get some rest. Although it won’t be a quick process, it will benefit your health.

Identify items that don’t belong in your bedroom

Disorganized bedrooms make it difficult to relax and rejuvenate. The bedroom is a place where you spend several hours each day and should be a haven of calm. However, a disorganized bedroom can become the dumping ground for piles and clutter. Therefore, identifying items that don’t belong in your messy bedroom is a crucial first step.

It can take an afternoon to a weekend to declutter your bedroom. Closet decluttering is an entirely different challenge. When you are decluttering your bedroom, you should look for items that have a specific place in your bedroom, and that you have used in the past year.

Start by making your bed. Next, clean out your nightstands. There might be books that you haven’t finished reading, pens and paper, and mail. Toss out old or useless items and collect gently used items for donation. Also, throw away pens, chargers, and tissue boxes.

Store items in storage bins

Using storage bins to organize a messy bedroom is an effective way to reduce the visual clutter. Choose bins that are similar in size and shape. Make sure that all items in the same bin have labels. This will keep visual clutter to a minimum and create a more relaxing bedroom environment.

Another smart way to make your bedroom more organized is to place storage boxes on shelves. They are an excellent option for small items and can be used for a variety of purposes. You can also use fabric cubes with compartments for smaller items. If you have limited space in your bedroom, storage boxes are an excellent way to maximize storage. Using drawer dividers will also help you keep things in place. You should also consider removing unused makeup and old items from nightstands.

Plastic containers are a great option for storing items around the house. You can then stack them in the closet. You can also use plastic storage bins under the bed for extra bedding, mementos, and collections. This way, you’ll have more room for the items you actually need.

Before you begin storing items in storage bins, take stock of what you already have. Then sort your items by purpose or type. For example, you could organize items according to their condition: sell them, donate them, recycle them, or keep them. Once you have completed this step, you can begin the decluttering process.

Label items

One of the best ways to organize a messy bedroom is to label items. Even if they aren’t easily visible, you’ll be much less frustrated when you’re trying to find them later. You may also want to make a master storage list for items to keep track of.

Organize your shoe collection. Hanging shoe bags take up valuable hanging space and can become unwieldy over time. A simple shoe rack can help keep your shoes in one place, away from dirty items and stains. It also helps save floor space. Then, you can organize your closet by labeling similar items.

Use storage baskets to store things. Make sure that each storage basket has a label. These will help you find items quickly and make putting them away a breeze. Using storage baskets will also help you create a calming bedroom decor. When your bedroom is cluttered, using storage baskets is a great way to stay organized and free from stress.

Use washi tape to label items. It comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. You can also use pictures to label items. Children might not be able to read, so picture labels will help them identify their things.


One of the most effective ways to organize a messy bedroom is to use storage containers. Using storage containers makes it easy to find things and put them away. Consider using bins, totes, or baskets to keep similar items together. The main point of organizing is to make it easy to find items. To make this happen, you can use simple systems that work for you.

Organize the bedroom by first sorting out what is most important. When the bedroom is less cluttered, it is much easier to clean. This means dusting furniture, cleaning the shelves, and sweeping the floor. The result should be a room with a fresh smell and a better view. To make the process easier, use a checklist and storage bins or totes to separate things.

A messy bedroom is a nightmare for anyone, so a good way to solve this problem is to get rid of unnecessary items. Bulky furniture, like nightstands, can be a major contributor to a messy bedroom. If possible, replace bedside tables with vertical storage solutions, such as floating shelves. Dressers and grooming areas can also benefit from small lidded boxes. These boxes will help you declutter and decorate the surfaces.

De-cluttering your bedroom helps you relax before bed. Keeping the bedroom clean and organized is important for a peaceful sleep. Besides, it can help you develop habits that will help keep your room clean and clutter-free.


When you’re packing up for a move, it’s crucial to make sure that your bedroom isn’t cluttered. To do this, make a sweep of the room, looking under bed frames, on the floor, and on furniture. Then, put any items that don’t belong in your bedroom in a container. Next, gather all items that are no longer needed or wanted. This way, you won’t have to worry about where you’ll put them when you’re packing.

Once you’ve gathered enough items to clean the bedroom, you need to dust them off and wipe down surfaces with a dry cloth or wet one. You can also clean the glass surfaces with a glass cleaner. You should also wipe down the legs of chairs and tables, the fronts of dressers, and the headboard.

Another way to organize clutter is by using a small wastebasket in the bedroom. Small trash can easily pile up and collect over time. Things like late-night snacks, clothing tags, and tissues can easily accumulate. Make a habit of putting them in a wastebasket so you don’t have to go looking for them again.

A messy bedroom can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With a simple cleaning plan, you can clean your bedroom thoroughly and quickly. Firstly, decide how much time you’ll need to spend cleaning the room. Make sure to pick up all trash around the room so that you don’t have to worry about spills or soiling your linens.