When it comes to the biggest cats, there are many who stand out. Cygnus, a silver Maine Coon with a huge 18-inch tail, is a famous example. This giant feline earned a Guinness World Record in 2018. Other cats that have made the record book include Arcturus, the tallest Savannah cat, and Kefir, a 26.5-pound Russian beauty with ferocious yellow eyes. Her owner says she likes to get lots of petting.


In August 2010, Stewie became the world’s longest domestic cat. He measured 123 centimetres long. Before his death on August 28, 2010, Stewie was the longest domestic cat in history. Despite his giant size, he was still a great pet. It is thought that he had a special relationship with his owner.

Maine Coons are very large cats. In fact, they can weigh up to 34 pounds. Their lineage is a mystery. However, it is likely that they grew large to withstand the cold climate of Maine. Their coats are thick and shaggy. This helps them keep warm.

The biggest Maine Coon is Stewie. He measures 48 1/2 inches from the tip of his nose to his tail bone. That’s more than 4 feet, and his owners often hear people marveling at his size. Stewie’s owners hope to use his newfound fame to visit schools and raise awareness for animal welfare. A picture of Stewie on a cat food package would also be a nice touch.

Stewie was a gray tabby Maine Coon. He measured about 123 centimeters long and was a beautiful pet. He died of cancer at the age of eight years. He was a sweet and friendly cat, despite his massive size. A cat’s size is often based on its parents, but the exact size cannot be determined.

The Maine Coon cat is the world’s largest domestic cat. The biggest known Maine Coon was named Stewie in 2010. In 2010, he measured 48 inches from tip to tail. A male Maine Coon can weigh up to 35 pounds. Its origins are unknown, but it is likely that the Maine Coon derived from raccoons and cats.


Kefir is a nearly two year old Maine Coon, weighing over 30 pounds. Although this animal is not fully grown, it is already twice as big as the average adult male. This colossal feline is owned by Yulia Minina and lives in Stary Oskol, a town 600 kilometers south of Moscow. He has room to grow yet, as Maine Coons are typically between three and four years old.

Despite his enormous size, Kefir does not show any signs of age, and he will allow visitors to pet him. He even sits on his own chair at the dinner table. And he’s strong enough to open every door in the house. Kefir is also known for his fondness of water, which he spends a lot of time pursuing. His coat, however, takes a long time to dry.

While there are some differences in size between Maine Coons and other large breeds, Kefir is the largest among them. He weighs approximately 26.5 pounds, but Minina expects him to continue growing. Kefir is a very sweet and loving cat. He does not display jealousy, but he does become stressed if a new animal comes into the home.

Kefir is also a very intelligent Maine Coon. He understands certain commands from his owner Yuliya, but he doesn’t like dry cat food. Instead, he prefers natural food and meat. He is a very friendly cat and Yuliya loves having him around.

Despite its size, Kefir is not a noisy cat. It doesn’t meow or yow, but it does enjoy the attention of humans. It does not harm furniture and is also very docile.

Kefir is a 21-month-old cat

Kefir is a big cat, but he’s very affectionate. He allows visitors to stroke him. He doesn’t yell or meow and doesn’t destroy furniture. But he does shed a lot. Luckily, his owner Yuliya is used to it. She treats Kefir like one of her family members.

The average Maine Coon male will grow to be about 18 pounds and will continue to grow until he’s about three or four years old. Although Kefir is not yet fully grown, he is already as tall as a preschooler. It’s hard to believe that a 21-month-old Maine Coon is already so big, but his human seems to be unconcerned about his size.

Kefir is a white Maine Coon cat that lives with Yuliya Minina in Stary Oskol, Russia. He’s a big cat, weighing in at around 26.5 pounds, and he’s adorable and affectionate. He’s also quite intelligent. He’s a very loyal family member and won’t harm you or your home.

Maine Coons are a popular feline breed. The breed is a cross between domestic housecats and wild cats. Their large size and unique physical appearance make them popular in the pet community. Their hunting abilities make them a valuable asset for pet owners.

Kefir is a 21-month-year-old Maine Coon, living with his owner Yuliya Minina. His owner, Yuliya, is a certified therapy animal and is the proud owner of another 21-month-old Maine Coon named Stewie. Kefir has a big, bushy tail and typical raccoon coloration.

Kefir, a 21-month-old Maine Coon, is a true gentleman. The breed is known for being affectionate and loyal. The average male Maine Coon cat weighs 15-25 pounds and is about 10-16 inches tall. It can grow to be 19-40 inches long, although some are larger.

Kefir is the largest cat in the U.S.

This majestic feline is a true marvel, weighing over 27 pounds and resembling a small child. Despite his massive size, Kefir is an extremely friendly cat who never seems to mind being stroked or the center of attention. He even has his own TikTok account.

Though Kefir is large in size, he is actually quite intelligent. His owners say that he even understands some commands from their human, Yuliya. Kefir dislikes dry cat food, preferring natural diets and meat. It’s easy to spot Kefir, as he doesn’t meow, yell, or scratch furniture.

Kefir’s fame is now spreading across the world. The large feline has its own account on TikTok, a video platform that allows cats to record themselves doing whatever they want. The videos of the cat are growing in popularity, gaining a lot of fans who wish to follow his life.

Kefir is a giant, fluffy, and gentle Maine Coon cat. He is one year and nine months old and weighs 26.5 pounds. It’s estimated that he will keep growing until he’s about three years old. He is a great addition to any household, and he’s not just a cute face on a social media post.