If you’re interested in starting a home organization business, there are many options available to you. Check out the National Association of Professional Organizers for information on how to get started and a directory of local organizers. To get started, pick a specialty that has a low level of competition in your area and work on your interpersonal skills. Also, learn basic accounting and computer skills.

Clutterbusters is a home organization business

Clutterbusters is a home organization company that offers professional organizing services. Whether you need help getting rid of junk, organizing your garage, or decluttering your office, Clutterbusters is here to help you achieve the clean, organized space you desire. Clutterbusters is insured and bonded, and their organizers go through extensive training and certification. They are also background checked.

Clutterbusters offers a free initial consultation. They also offer hourly rates for their services. Hourly rates start at $75 per hour, but you can schedule a package of 30 hours or more. You can choose to have one organizer work on your home or hire a full team.

Professional organizing services involve assessing your possessions and organizing them in the most efficient manner. This ensures that the organized area is fully functional. Professionally trained organizers work with the clients to create a more organized space and improve their overall quality of life. Clients report feeling rejuvenated after the process.

Karen is a home organization business

Karen is an owner of Life Simplified, an organization business that focuses on keeping homes simple. She believes that organization is a God-given talent, and she uses this knowledge to help people make their lives better. Her passion for home organization began when she was a child. She began organizing her bedroom and closet, and soon began organizing areas around the house. In the spring of 2008, Karen created her own business, Life Simplified. The business was a natural evolution of her passion for making things simpler.

Bashorun is a home organization business

Bashorun Bailey is a home organization expert who has popped up on TV shows including Drew Barrymore’s show and Good Morning America. Her business has grown so much that she’s started to hire staff and is working on a book. She specializes in small spaces and travels throughout the tristate area. She has taken several organizing courses and has become a savvy business woman.

Karen offers additional services

Karen offers a wide range of additional services for her home organization business. Along with professional organization, she also offers decluttering and research services. She is available for speaking engagements and workshops, and is willing to travel. Her background includes working in various organizations. Many of these initiatives required strategic planning, expert organization, and creative problem-solving skills. Karen’s experience in these fields translates directly to her organizing work.

Professional organizers have an eye for detail

A good organizer begins by listening to the vision of their client, then creates order that is meaningful and effective. They are professional, nonjudgmental, and have an eye for detail. Their services are discreet and insured. Some even specialize in particular areas, like hoarding, photos, or ADHD/OCD.

Professional organizers work one-on-one with their clients, and must understand the current organizational systems and habits of their clients. They must be able to communicate effectively with their clients, as well as with each other, to ensure that the project is completed on time. Professional organizers use productivity systems to keep track of their work and ensure deadlines are met.

Professional organizers often have multiple projects going on at the same time. This means they have to be able to identify problems and implement creative storage solutions. They also need to know the proper way to label and categorize different items. This takes time and requires an eye for detail.

In addition to being a professional organizer, you should be able to show off your skills through your promotional materials, website, and portfolio. Be careful not to oversell your services. People who hire professional organizers invest in their services because they want to save time and stress. If you cannot do the same, it’s going to be difficult to sell your services.