Have you noticed all the problems that are occurring in the cosmetics industry these days? The chemicals that are being used to create cosmetics products is causing so many different problems that it has gotten to the point where people who use the products are having to deal with very serious problems. What does this have to do with all natural lipstick brands? It has everything to do with it! These all natural lipstick brands are being challenged by the major cosmetics companies simply because they are not allowing them to make as much profit as they want to.


If you will take a look at most of the lipsticks that you are buying, you will see that most of them contain some type of harmful chemical in them. Parabens, Dioxanes, and other heavy metals are commonly found in all natural lipsticks. What makes these lipsticks toxic is that they are not only made out of cheap ingredients, but they are also made with heavy metals as well. Parabens are often used as a preservative, which is why these lipstick products always end up in the garbage can after they are used. They do not get replaced because they are known to cause cancer.

Dioxanes are found in many lipsticks, as well as many different types of plastics. This substance is also widely used as an engine degreaser in the automobile industry. This is not something that you want on your lips, because these are known to cause cancer. All natural lipstick brands, including those that contain Dioxane as an ingredient, are not being sold anymore because of this reason.

Phthalates are found in almost every all natural lipstick that you buy. This is because this substance is toxic when swallowed, so it goes through the body via the skin. When it gets into your bloodstream, then this heavy metal can interact with other organs and cause serious health problems. This is the reason that the warning labels on lipstick containers tell you not to swallow phthalates or any other all natural lipsticks. In fact, it is illegal to put this substance into a liquid, as well as for people to come in contact with any part of this material when applying it to their skin.

Bisphenol A (BBA), is a known toxin. It is a synthetic substance that has been found in many popular makeup. The use of BBAs as eyeliners and mascara is dangerous because it can clog the natural hole in the eye. The hole in the eye is for the eye to breathe, and if it becomes clogged, you will have permanent blackouts. This is something that may eventually lead to blindness.

Most of the time, all natural lipsticks contain chemical preservatives and antibacterial ingredients. These chemicals are known to be toxic, and they could end up causing you harm. When you read the ingredients label on an all natural lipstick, you need to read it again. If you find anything that has the word parabens in it, this is a cosmetic that you should avoid. Parabens are used as a preservative to extend the shelf life of cosmetics, but they are also found in the trace amounts that you might find in a product that is supposed to be organic.

There are some all natural lipstick products out there that are not bad for you. It is important to look for the ingredients label when you buy cosmetics, as this is where you will find what is inside of the product that you are about to purchase. When you look at the label of an all natural lipstick, you need to be sure to read everything on there. This way, you can make sure that there are no dangerous chemicals or toxins in the product.

If you want to avoid chemicals, you want to make sure that you are not buying a product that uses artificial preservatives and fragrances. The best all natural lipstick brands are those that use natural plant extracts in their formula instead. These all natural ingredients are very safe to apply to your skin. You will have healthier skin in a few short weeks of using these all natural lipsticks, which makes them the best possible choice for women looking for a long lasting, effective product.