If you have an emergency services business, organization of your service van can make a big difference in your business. There are several ideas you can use to organize your van. Some of these ideas include DIY wooden shelves, prefabricated metal shelves, and using the walls and ceilings as storage areas. Getting organized is important if you want to avoid wasting time searching for needed tools or supplies.

DIY wooden shelves

To build a DIY wooden shelving unit, you’ll need a few tools. These include a level, a tape measure, a circular saw, a 5/16-inch drill bit, a Milwaukee 1/2″ impact wrench, and a #14 socket. Once you have your materials, attach the wood posts on one side and then attach the shelves.

Another option is to install a tool case or rack on the back or side of your work van. These are usually more secure than a bunch of loose shelf bins, and they let you take your tools with you when you need them. These can also double as hooks for frequently used items, saving floor space. You can also install restraints on the side of the vehicle to store large tools or chemical tanks.

Another option for service van organization is to purchase aluminium shelving modules. These are lightweight and durable, making them the preferred choice of many tradesmen in Ireland. These shelves can be customized to fit the size of your work van, but they should not add excessive weight to the van. You can also opt for adjustable shelves, which can save a ton of space and provide versatility.

If you’re not comfortable with metal shelving, you can also make your own wooden shelves. These are easy to build, and you can use common tools and materials like plywood to create them. You can also use false floors and cabinets to build a custom shelving system. In addition to shelves, you can also install false floors in your van. The latter option is perfect for long materials. But, be aware that plywood shelves are heavier than metal shelves.

Van shelving can cost a few hundred dollars for simple shelving. You can also hire a professional to install the system, which will increase the cost but ensure a long-term solution. Alternatively, you can install cargo racks or ladders to free up interior space.

Prefabricated metal shelving

Prefabricated metal shelving is a convenient, versatile storage option for a service van. It comes in a variety of heights and sizes to meet the specific needs of your van. Many of these systems feature adjustable shelves, drawers, and locking cabinets. You can also buy a custom-designed metal storage system to meet your specific needs.

When considering the materials for your shelving, choose a durable metal product. Rivet shelving is the best choice because it is fully adjustable, durable, and does not need clips to hold the shelves together. There are different types of rivet systems, including those that can support heavier loads. Metal shelves also allow you to easily see the labels that are attached to the shelves.

Metal shelving provides a higher degree of visibility and can be easily stacked. They can also be used to store books and other items. Because they don’t collapse over time, metal shelving is also perfect for document storage. Many companies fill banker’s boxes with years of back data. Metal shelving is durable and easy to access, and you can quickly access documents from any shelf without having to search through piles of paperwork.

Stainless steel shelving is a popular metal shelving material. Stainless steel is a durable, flexible material that is used in a variety of industries, including the food industry. Stainless steel is also easier to clean and less likely to break than other materials. It also provides a protective barrier to the goods you place on the shelves.

Under-floor storage

Under-floor storage is an efficient way to expand the storage space in a service van without sacrificing on payload capacity. Its large drawers and full extension slide make it easy for tradesmen to access material. The unit is also ideal for fitting between vertical shelving. In addition, it has easy-access drawers on the rear.

Under-floor storage drawers are the ideal solution for small vans. They maximize space while leaving the loading platform free. This storage solution can also be installed without affecting the bodywork of the van. Under-floor storage vans can be fitted with shelving systems, toolboxes, and ladder racks.

Under-floor storage drawer systems come in various styles and configurations, and can be made of plywood or aluminium tread plate. These drawer systems can carry up to 800kg. The drawers can also be replaced with a shelf if necessary. Depending on the size of the storage space needed, you can choose the unit that best meets your requirements.

Under-floor storage van drawers are designed with user-friendliness in mind. They are fully adjustable and provide easy access to tools. Many drawers feature interior lighting. Some are also made of durable steel or aluminum. These materials are lightweight, durable, and easy to operate. Under-floor storage van drawers improve cargo space, increase safety, and provide organization and flexibility.

Moreover, van floor storage drawer units are versatile storage options for work van accessories. They are available in various sizes, which can be tailored to your van’s configuration. This will enable you to keep your work area more organized and productive. You should also consider how easy the drawer systems are to install. Make sure they are easy to access, and the handles of the drawers should be flush with the cabinet housing.

Ceilings and walls

You can organize a service van’s interior by using the walls and ceilings as organizational surfaces. For example, you can install shelves and storage units on the walls. You can also install an electric van racking system on the ceiling. This can help you store electrical conduits and hang small resources.

The first step in service van organization is to sort items by size. Place the smallest parts at the top and medium-sized items at the bottom. Next, hang items such as power tools and repair parts on pegboards. Stackable bins are also an effective storage solution for small repair parts. Alternatively, you can use poles to suspend lightweight items from the ceiling. Be sure to allow plenty of headspace around them.


One of the best ways to improve the efficiency of your service van is to install an efficient lighting system. This way, you will be able to find tools quickly and easily. Having a reliable lighting system is also a cost-effective upgrade. A bright and reliable light will eliminate the need to run flashlights when the sun goes down, allowing you and your team to work longer and be more productive. In addition, exterior work lights will allow you to maximize your workspace by providing additional light outside the van.

Another useful lighting solution is to install lights on the back of your van. These lights will prevent you from fumbling around the van in the dark, which is very convenient when you’re working late or parking in a dark space. You can place mounted or stationary lights on the back and front corners of your van, and you can even install battery-powered lighting for smaller spaces.

Another great way to maximize storage space is to install pegboard or hooks. These can help you store small tools and power tools. You can also hang lightweight items from the ceiling. Make sure to allow plenty of headroom for these storage solutions. It’s also a good idea to keep frequently used items close to the doors and at the back of your van.

Besides installing shelving in the interior of your van, you should also install a key fob access system. This system will ensure that your workers have easy access to all of their tools and can keep everything safe and secure. In addition, you should install a security camera for better visibility.