If you’re suffering from the loss of a son, you might want to listen to some of these songs. Whether you want to cry yourself to sleep at night or relive your memories of your son, these songs will help you deal with the pain. These songs are written by many different artists. You might find one you love by someone you admire.

Michael Jackson

If you want to learn more about the songs of Michael Jackson, you’ve come to the right place. These songs about loss are classics that will remain in your heart for years to come. These songs are not only nostalgic, but also deeply meaningful. They will resonate with any generation and can be very powerful.

The song “Lucky” is a deep cut from his early career. It’s a sort of blues tune, and Jackson stretches his voice too far on this track. While the song is catchy, it’s also overly arranged and has a long intro. Jackson’s voice is supersweet on this track, and the chorus is particularly catchy.

In the early 1990s, Jackson and Buz Jackson befriended Ryan White, a young man who was battling AIDS. The two were talking about this in 1990, when Ryan was the face of the disease in the United States. At the time, AIDS was a widely misunderstood and feared disease.

Another song on the album is “Gone Too Soon.” This song is dedicated to Ryan White, a high school friend who died of HIV before finishing his education. It’s a moving song about memories and personal identity. It’s also one of the most beautiful songs on the album.

James Taylor

“Song of the Canyons” is a lullaby that tells the story of a young cowboy who sings himself to sleep in a canyon. James Taylor often sang lullabies to his siblings when he was a child. However, his mother sang opera and his father didn’t sing lullabies.

Taylor’s childhood and early teenage years were filled with traumatic events. His father, a medical dean at the University of North Carolina, abused alcohol and ultimately destroyed his family. While Taylor was recovering in North Carolina, he was out of touch with his friends, and was only able to return to Milton Academy for his senior year.

“Fire and Rain” by James Taylor is another sad song about the loss of a loved one. The three verses of the song cover three delicate subjects: grief, regret, and loss. James Taylor wrote this song six months after his friend died of suicide. A close friend of the artist decided to keep the news quiet so it would not distract him from his work.

This album is Taylor’s tribute to the Great American Songbook. The album features his signature take on songs from the 1920s through the 1950s. The album celebrates the 50th anniversary of his breakthrough single Sweet Baby James, which made him a superstar at age 21. Since the release of his debut album, Taylor has been a part of the singer-songwriter movement for over half a century.

Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney is an American country music star who has been selling out stadiums and amassing hit singles for more than a decade. The artist is known for his intense and thoughtful performances. Last year, after the unexpected death of his wife Kristi Hansen, he took stock of his life. He spent some down time in the U.S. Virgin Islands before launching his wildly successful career.

“Who You’d Be Today” is one of Chesney’s most popular songs, and it speaks of loss and grief. It’s a song about losing your child and thinking about what could have been. He sings about wishing that you could have given your son a chance to be the person he is today.

If you’ve lost a son, you’ll be able to find solace in Chesney’s lyrics. His songs about grief are always hopeful, and the messages in them are meant to inspire hope and make people feel good. He’s even written songs about loss of relationships, and you’ll find something to connect with in them.

In one of his most powerful songs, “The Loss of a Son,” Kenny Chesney laments the loss of his son, and ponders whether there is life without death. The singer didn’t have a good relationship with her father, but it only became clear to her after his death. Steve Wariner, meanwhile, believes his grandmother is still watching over him. The events of 9/11 left everyone speechless and many people struggled to cope with the aftermath.

Chris Daughtry

The lyrics in Chris Daughtry’s new album, Cage, are uplifting and reassuring. It includes references to physical intimacy and bad habits, but it is also honest. Although there are some rattles in the music, Chris Daughtry’s lyrics consistently emphasize the power of love and fighting for what matters most. As a parent, you can use a biblical worldview to guide the music that you allow your child to hear.

Recently, Daughtry’s concert schedule has been canceled due to the sudden death of his daughter. She was found dead in her Nashville home on Friday, and Daughtry has shared the details of the cause of her death. Hannah Price was planning to get treatment for a mental health problem and move closer to her family when she passed away. Despite the sudden death of Hannah, local authorities determined that the suicide was caused by narcotics, and there were no signs of foul play.

The singer became famous after competing on the fifth season of American Idol in 2006. His debut album was released in 2006 and received several nominations. He then went on to sign with RCA Records and 19 Entertainment and started the band Daughtry. His first album was released in November 2006, and reached the number one spot on the Billboard charts. His song “Home” became one of the most popular rock songs of the year.


In her fourth album, Adele sings about losing a son. The song is a tribute to her nine-year-old son, Angelo. The singer revealed that she wrote the song for Angelo after the separation of her and husband Simon Konecki. The lyrics show the rawest side of love and the painful process of learning how to love again.

Adele’s recent comeback has been met with a lot of excitement and speculation. Her latest single, “Easy on Me,” has already gone to number one on the iTunes chart and garnered close to 25 million views on YouTube. Fans have long missed Adele’s music, and it’s no surprise that the song has become such a hit.

The song is one of the most powerful pop songs of the decade. Adele opened up about her relationship breakdown, as well as the death of her father. Her father passed away in May from bowel cancer. Adele met with him in Wales in the months before his death and said that it gave her some closure.

Adele has also revealed that her new album, 30 is a personal journey that includes her divorce and her son Angelo. The song reflects on the loneliness she felt after her divorce. She explains how her split from Simon Konecki left her alone when her son was only six years old.


Fans have been praising P!nk’s latest single “It’s Not Over” for being one of her most heartbreaking songs. It climbed to No. 9 on the Hot 100 and spent 36 weeks on the chart. The song deals with the loss of a friend who took an overdose and passed away. Fans say that the artist did an amazing job of telling the story through the song.

There are many songs about loss, but P!nk has been particularly sensitive to the subject. Her 2002 song ‘Just Like a Pill’ went on to chart at number one in the UK and became her first Top 20 hit. It went on to earn a Gold certification and received several awards including Best Song Written For Visual Media. The music video has also been viewed over 256 million times on YouTube. ‘Perfect’ is another of P!nk’s most emotional songs and was released as a new track for her 2010 album ‘Greatest Hits… So Far!!!’ This song was written to celebrate her 10th anniversary as a singer and received Platinum certification in the UK.

“It’s Over” by Pink is another song about losing a son that touches the heart. The song has a powerful message about finding God’s love and comfort in the midst of the pain. The song’s title refers to the loss of the unborn child, but the lyrics also talk about a mother’s grief and the loss of the child she had.