The best way to organize tools in your garage is to make them easily accessible. You will need easy-access bins on shelves or underneath your workbench. You can also use clothing racks. Tie and belt racks work well for storing tools. You can also use foam balls to store pencils and paintbrushes.


A pegboard system is a great way to organize your garage tools. It allows you to group tools by how often you use them. Depending on the size and layout of your garage, you can even create a diagram to identify which tools are most commonly used.

Pegboards can hold a large variety of tools. Be sure to leave enough space between each tool to avoid bumping into one another. You should also leave enough room to remove individual wrenches. It is also a good idea to group similar tools together. This will help you save time by minimizing searching. Also, you can place the most frequently used tools at eye level. The tools you don’t use as often should be kept at higher or lower levels.

Another way to organize tools is to use pegboards with shelf support hooks. These will allow you to hang more items on your pegboard. These pegboards will also allow you to hang smaller items, such as a clock.

Wood pallets

Wood pallets are a great way to organize tools in your garage. They can be used to build pegboard walls for storing your power tools and gardening hoses. They are also a cheap way to organize your tools without taking up valuable floor space. This is an easy project that requires no special tools, and can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

You can easily mount this tool organizer on the wall with a picture hanger and remove it when you need to use it. The bottom should be drilled with holes for easy removal. You can also get wood pallets for free if you search online or go to the local garage sale. Another option is to find one at a big box store.

A pallet is not heavy, and can easily support a small amount of weight. It’s an ideal solution for garages and sheds with limited space. You can use it to hang extension cords, broomsticks, and other tools.

Foam drawer liners

Using foam drawer liners for tools is a great way to keep tools organized. The liners are thin and sturdy enough to hold up to a variety of tools. They also hold items in place. Before using foam liners for tools, measure each drawer to make sure they’ll fit. Then cut the foam to fit, using a straight edge.

Using foam tool storage is a great way to organize your small and metric tools. Whether you use a screwdriver or wrench, the foam keeps your tools in place and easily accessible. Using these organizers will also make it easier to find the right tool. They will also maximize the amount of space in your toolbox by allowing you to fit the tools close together.

Organizing your tools is also helpful for keeping theft at bay. A toolbox that is organized will allow you to quickly identify missing items before leaving the job site. Since theft in construction sites is estimated at a billion dollars a year, it’s crucial to keep tools safe and organized. A stolen tool can end up costing both you and the company you work for.

Magnetic strips

You can keep your tools organized in many ways. One of the best ways is to use magnetic strips to store hand tools and small items. You can also buy magnetic key shelves and use them for storage of your keys and other small items. They can be made from wood or 3/4″ x 1/8″ disc magnets.

You can also use magnetic strips to hang other metal items. A good place to place them is on your workbench or in the garage. They can be used anywhere you need to organize your tools. They’re also great for keeping small parts. This type of tool storage is also very durable and can be mounted on the wall, workbench, or garage.

Another way to organize your tools is by using pull-out racks. These are especially helpful for small tools with long handles. Some even have holes at the bottom so they can be pushed back when not in use.

Using a magnetic strip

Using a magnetic strip to organize tools and small items in your garage is a great idea. You can place your tools in a holder on the strip and have them easily accessible without hunting for them. Another way to organize your tools and small items is by using jars or plastic containers. These containers are perfect for small parts because they won’t break if you drop them.

A magnetic strip can be used to organize tools in a garage or workbench. It can be used to hold drill bits, spanners, and small metal tools. It can also be used to hold cords and small tools. It can also be used as a wall mounted organizer.

Another helpful tool storage option is to install slatwall racks in the garage. These systems are easy to install and will keep tools organized and within reach. Using a magnetic strip for tool storage can also save floor space. Using a magnetic strip will also keep small items like paintbrushes, pliers, and scissors organized.

Magnetic strips will help you find tools quickly. They also help you store important notes. You can purchase magnetic strips that are available for a few dollars. Using them in your garage can help you save time and money.