The Home Edit is a company that specializes in organizing excess clutter. Its five-piece modular system can be used for a variety of storage needs and is an attractive display unit, too. This versatile storage system is also quite affordable. In fact, you may be able to save hundreds of dollars by using these modular units.

The Home Edit’s five-piece modular system

The Home Edit is a design brand that specializes in making anything in its sight look more beautiful. Whether you’re decorating a kid’s bedroom, playroom, or nursery, you’ll love their T.H.E. Collection, available at Walmart. Each set includes a modular system for storage and organization. These pieces are packaged specifically for a particular room, but can also be used in other spaces.

The Home Edit was founded by two California transplants who’ve turned organizing into an art. They’ve created products that have been used by A-listers and a whole host of celebrities. With eighty-three thousand followers on Instagram, it’s no wonder that they’ve become the go-to organizer for A-listers.

The Home Edit offers a modular system for toys and keepsakes. The system contains two large bins and two smaller bins, along with a three-tier platform. The bins can easily be removed or rearranged, allowing you to use more space for other items.

The Home Edit’s signature five-piece modular toy system was recently acquired by the Reese Witherspoon-backed media company. The Home Edit’s modular system is divided by size, which makes it easy for children to move and organize their toys.

It’s a display in and of itself

Home Edit is a wildly colorful organization company. Its Instagram feed features every color under the sun. Their under-sink caddies, which start orange Fantastik and end in indigo Finish Jet-Dry, are a visual feast. The company even created a rainbow-striped nook for their product launch at Walmart, and dressed the team in rainbow-striped attire.

The Home Edit is known for using slang to describe organizing. For instance, the store’s open racks are “perfectly merchandised,” and its purses are “lined up like soldiers.” The company sells clutter and turns it into abundance. While Home Edit’s baskets and bins look like every other organizing guru’s creation, they also feel and look cluttered. While wire baskets may be perfect for toy storage, they are not ideal for shelving and can damage shelves.

The Home Edit’s Instagram feed is a colorful fantasy. They post photos of colored produce, empty takeout containers, and upside-down ketchups. They also show photos of their playroom projects. While it might seem like an impractical endeavor, the results are spectacular. Among the most impressive examples are the sixteen perfectly fitted plastic bins in their playroom.

It’s a multipurpose system

The Home Edit toy storage system is an excellent solution for organizing toys and other small items. It features two large bins and two small bins on a three-tier platform. Each bin features an integrated lid to keep the toys out of sight while maximizing space. It’s also easy to clean.

The Home Edit was founded by professional organizers Clea and Joanne in Nashville, Tennessee. Since then, the company has gained a huge fan base on social media and has released two books. The show features clear plastic bins and a multi-purpose system that is both stylish and functional. Fans will be familiar with The Home Edit’s products, which include tiered organizers, curated packs, and standalone organizers.

It’s affordable

The rainbow-colored playroom in Home Edit’s new home/office is just one example of the organization company’s colorful design aesthetic. It features horizontal bands of color along the walls, with shelves holding items that match. The room is decorated with lavender toy trucks, chartreuse pinatas, and marigold pillows. The rainbow-striped theme is so colorful that the editors dressed their team members in matching colors.

Leslie, a Texan mom of two, is a “control freak” who keeps her home neat and organized. Leslie’s husband and two children endorse that her house is a pretty neat place to live. She found out about The Home Edit when a friend referred her to the brand. Her friend told her to follow their Instagram feed to see what they had to offer. After checking out their feed on Instagram, she bought a few pieces during Black Friday sales. After the holiday season, she got to work on her collection.

Home Edit also has off-camera organizing services starting at $595. The team has curated storage pieces and starter kits for specific rooms. Whether you’re looking to organize a bedroom, garage, or playroom, Home Edit has affordable solutions for any space. They offer ornament organizers that are affordable and easy to use.

The Home Edit is a five-year-old home organization company with an exclusive collection of storage containers. The show’s creators, Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer, have helped many celebrities organize their homes. The Company’s popular Netflix series, Get Organized With The Home Edit, follows the team as they organize celebrity homes. The show features the exclusive collection of storage containers created by The Home Edit.

It’s celebrity client-endorsed

The Home Edit’s marketing strategy is unconventional. Instead of traditional TV ads, they use social media to spread their brand. Instagram is the perfect visual medium for this purpose. On their Instagram account, they feature a grid of brightly colored objects in acrylic bins, arranged according to color. The Home Edit has a unique style and quirky sense of humor.

The Home Edit is backed by celebrity clients who have seen and loved the company’s work. The service is available in 10 US cities. It costs between $185 and $250 per hour for a two-person team. The cost includes all expenses and purchased products. Fans of The Home Edit can check out their Instagram accounts to see the finished product. Many of the photos are styled and beautifully arranged. In some cases, they have even arranged their belongings in rainbow colors, arranged in sparkly acrylic bins.

The Home Edit is a home organization company founded by Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer in Nashville in 2015. The company is known for its rainbow aesthetic and fuss-free guidance. It has over 1.7 million Instagram followers. The home organization brand has also branched out into the media world with a Netflix show starring Joanna and Clea.