For a well-organized kitchen, use smart storage ideas. For example, wired baskets are a great choice for everyday items. Transparent jars and storage containers are also ideal if you need to see what’s inside. They can save you time and effort by eliminating the need to open and label containers. Additionally, group similar items in your kitchen, such as utensils, for quick access.

Organize cleaning supplies

For those who don’t have a utility closet, one smart kitchen organization idea is to use pegboard. It’s a great way to organize your cleaning supplies, and you can hang up brooms and dustpans for easy access. It’s also great for apartments where storage space is limited, as you can install pegboard inside the closet. The most important thing is that you put your cleaning supplies in easy reach, and they should be easy to find. You can also use wire shelves to store cleaning supplies.

Another smart kitchen organization idea is to use space under the sink. You can use this space to store boxes and containers of cleaning supplies. Alternatively, you can install a heavy-duty metal pull-out drawer for cleaning supplies and organize it with dividers. You can also use a shelf board to hang baskets for towels and sponges.

Another smart kitchen organization idea is to set up dedicated bins for each cleaning product. One big drawer can be dedicated to cleaning supplies, while another small one can be used to hold garbage bags and recycling bins. You can also organize cleaning supplies using the insides of cabinet doors. You can even use chalkboard paint to write the equivalent measurements of different cleaning supplies. You can also install a magazine rack to store wax paper and other cleaning supplies.

Organize food

One of the best ways to organize your food in the kitchen is by sorting it by category and designating specific areas for each category. For example, favorite snacks should be stored within easy reach of the family, while breakfast items should be placed in a separate area. Then, use printed labels for easier identification. Other smart kitchen organization ideas include baskets for loose items and drawer dividers to keep everything in order.

Most kitchen cabinets have a shelf or two. You can buy a shelf organizer to help you organize similar items in a more convenient way. These shelf organizers can cost as little as $10 from The Container Store. Another smart kitchen organization idea is to store pots and pans inside each other instead of in separate containers. This will free up another storage container and allow you to use the lids of one pot to store another.

You can also use a tension rod to hang cleaning supplies in a cabinet. This rod can be installed near the top of a cabinet to keep out of the way of pipes. Using this rod to hang bottles of Windex, dishwasher detergent, or a disinfectant will make it easier to reach items you need. You can also put baskets on top of cabinets for storing foods.

Organize drawers

Organizing drawers is an important part of smart kitchen organization. They can be tricky to organize but can be transformed into useful storage spaces. For example, you can use a drawer as a utensil holder or a knife block. You can also label each drawer according to its purpose.

Adding dividers to your drawers will help keep like items together. They will also prevent items from sliding around. You can also add hidden drawers to maximize cabinet space. These are perfect for flat or rarely-used items. These clever storage solutions are affordable and will make your kitchen look more attractive.

Organizing your drawers is a great way to save time when deep cleaning. Labeling drawers will also help you know where to find certain items. For example, you can have a drawer devoted to spices and sweets, while another one for breakfast items. You can even create your own shelves to fit your kitchen’s space.

To organize your drawers, you need to sort items by type and determine their best place. For example, your utensils should be grouped together and close to the stove. You can also organize drawers using clear storage compartments. You can also stack these compartments vertically to save even more space.

In addition to organizing your drawers, you can install expandable shelves for additional vertical storage space. These shelves can be hidden when you are not using them. Moreover, you can install airtight bins to store dry goods. These bins can be stacked and labeled, so that they look neat and organized.