There are a number of ways to organize small cabinets. These include wall-mounted baskets and racks, open shelves, and pull-out shelves. You can also use wire dividers to organize kitchen items. Labels are also a great way to keep things sorted. Turnable cabinets are a great way to access jars easily.

Open shelves

One of the best ways to make your open shelves work for you is by installing drawers. You can install simple drawers for small items or more durable ones for heavier items. You can also add a free-standing drawer unit within the cabinet. Hanging racks and tiered stands are also good options for maximizing shelf space.

Another option is to stack items. This way, you can double your storage capacity while keeping items out of sight. You can also label items to easily find them when you need them. Stackable airtight bins are also a great way to save space and look organized. These containers hold various wraps and are able to hold a variety of items.

Open shelves are also great for showing off your kitchenware. You can even use them to store your wine and bottle collection. These racks will make them easy to find and will not require you to tear out your upper cabinets. You can also paint the interior of your cabinets for a more customized look. You may even want to install wine bottle holders for the items you display in your cabinet.

Wall-mounted baskets

If you have limited cabinet space, small cabinet organizer ideas with wall-mounted baskets can be a great way to increase your kitchen’s storage capacity. These innovative solutions can add multiple shelves, hanging hooks, and chalkboard labels to help you stay organized. Some models even attach to your refrigerator’s top, making the most of a space that’s often underutilized.

The interior of cabinet doors can also be used to store small items, such as plastic baggies and foil. You can also install a three-tiered kitchen organizer to organize small items. The space underneath the shelf can be used to store ramekins and other dishes. Paper towel roll holders can also be installed on lower cabinet doors.

Door-mounted racks

Door-mounted racks are useful storage options for small cabinet spaces. These units are typically made of a lightweight metal frame with durable plastic baskets. The rack is secured in place with two attachable over-the-door hooks. They are easy to install and provide endless utility.

Door-mounted racks can store anything from a jar to a vacuum cleaner. For more compact storage, attach a wooden rack to the back of the cabinet door. The attachments and bags can be kept in another closet. Alternatively, a dry-erase board can be attached to the cabinet door.

If you have basic carpentry skills, you can build a door-mounted rack to store various things. You can also modify it to fit other cabinet types. For instance, you can use it to store cutting boards and plastic bags. You can even attach dividers to keep like items together. You can also add vertical trays to maximize shelf space.

Metal grates

Adding metal grates to the inside of your cabinet doors is a great way to add architectural intrigue to your kitchen. They add an interesting, rustic feel to the room, and they’re an easy DIY project to boot. A bonus is that they won’t show off your stored items as much as glass-front cabinets, and they also reflect light, making them perfect for small spaces.

Tiered stand

If your cabinet is too short, you can easily turn it into a two or three tiered stand by adding dividers. This way, you can keep like items together. It also elevates the contents of the cabinet so that you can easily see them. You can also install hanging racks or a tiered stand to turn one shelf into two or three.

You can also use tiered stands for storing spices. A tiered stand is great for securing spices and keeps them from getting tangled up. This inexpensive and highly rated stand allows you to see the back of the spice shelf without having to dig through your cabinet to find the spice you need. Another great way to organize your spice cabinet is by purchasing an under shelf storage basket that you can attach to your existing shelf. This way, you can place spices right where you need them, instead of in a corner.

Hanging baskets are another stylish storage solution. They can hold a variety of fruits and vegetables. You can even hang a chalkboard for labeling items. If you don’t have enough space to install a tiered stand, consider installing a small one above the fridge. It takes up an often-unused space in the kitchen. It also makes good use of the space behind the refrigerator.