Many people are turning to alternative doctors when they have a problem that conventional medicine cannot fix. These doctors focus on natural healing methods, meaning that they treat illnesses using the techniques and remedies found in nature. The following are 6 alternative doctors you might consider:


Homeopathy is an alternative medicine that uses the principles of the universe to provide medical solutions to ailments. Homeopaths use substances known as’minor toxins’ that are diluted and administered in different forms such as oils, gels, or ointments. Some practitioners even combine herbs with vitamins or supplements. Homeopathic treatment is often used in conjunction with conventional medicine.

Massage therapy is another alternative doctors you may hear about. This type of healing is based upon the belief that the body has the ability to heal itself. It uses touch, pressure, and heat to release tension, calm the body, and enhance healing. Massage therapy can be performed by a professional or at home. This type of treatment is popular for athletes and seniors alike who seek relief from pain and stress.

Natural supplements are another common treatment used by alternative doctors. These treatments include vitamin and mineral supplements taken in supplement form. Many people also take vitamin and mineral pills, but these pills can be bought without a prescription. Alternative treatments rely on the idea that conventional medicine tends to treat symptoms instead of treating the underlying cause of illness.

Many alternative doctors practice complementary care which means that they work together with a patient on a medical problem instead of prescribing medication. For example, if a person suffers from hypertension they may consult a cardiologist for a treatment plan. The doctor would provide the prescription for the medication and then recommend a diet and exercise program to control high blood pressure. Alternative medicine works under the same premise. However, many people are now turning to natural, alternative medicine due to concerns over the safety of prescription medications.

Other alternative doctors have also started offering Holistic health treatments. Holistic health is based upon the idea that the body is connected to the environment. This environment can be affected by a person’s lifestyle. A Holistic doctor may use a combination of medicinal and natural treatments to help treat a patient. This type of doctor has the ability to tailor a plan of action to the individual’s needs. People who prefer to avoid medication, may choose a holistic doctor.

The best way to ensure that you get the best healthcare service is to make an appointment with several alternative doctors near you. If one doesn’t seem to meet your needs, you should keep trying until you find one that does. Each healthcare professional has their own specialty so you will want to look at the services they offer in order to find the one that will be the best match for your needs. Remember, it is always better to seek a doctor that you are comfortable with.

If you are interested in finding alternative medicine doctors near you, there are many websites online that have reviews from various practitioners. Some sites even allow you to type in your location and how much you are willing to spend for treatment. Reading other people’s experiences with a particular practitioner will help you determine if they are right for you. Always remember that a physician should not be considered a medical expert in any field unless they specialize in the particular therapy you wish to receive. Always consult with your primary doctor before beginning any type of alternative healing therapy.

One of the most popular alternative therapies that is receiving attention from medical professionals is energy healing. There are several different forms of energy therapy including Reiki, color therapy, aromatherapy, and yoga among others. These therapies provide you with a way to treat your body and mind without the use of medications. Doctors who practice these types of therapies often combine them with traditional medicine. They may recommend a patient receive acupuncture, color therapy, or a massage in addition to receiving therapy sessions with their primary doctor. Because these doctors specialize in these particular therapies, they know exactly what to do in order to achieve the results you desire.

Another one of the alternative therapies gaining popularity is herbal medicine. People from all walks of life utilize herbal medicines to alleviate the symptoms of common illnesses. Herbal medicine can be quite effective treating those who suffer from depression, arthritis, muscle aches, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, and other ailments. Many doctors recognize herbal medicine as beneficial and often prescribe it to patients who have shown signs of these illnesses.

In many cases, patients are turned away from conventional medicine due to their adverse medical history. However, if an individual is willing to follow the advice of a professional alternative medicine doctor, they may find that conventional doctors do not want to accept the risk of taking a potentially ineffective drug. Before agreeing to undergo treatments with a doctor who practices alternative medicine, it is important to thoroughly research the credentials of that doctor. Look for accreditation and other documentation proving that the doctor has the proper training and credentials to administer such treatments.