Having a simply organized home can relieve stress, increase functionality, and bring comfort. A home that feels and functions well is a happier and healthier home for everyone. Kelly’s aim is to help you create a system that will work for your lifestyle and your family. She will go through all your stuff with you and help you decide what will stay and what will go.

Irene Lo’s home organization is a way of life

Professional organizer Irene Lo takes on organizing from a 360-degree perspective. Her approach not only improves organization, but also simplifies daily life. Her approach is friendly, efficient, and real. And, after an initial session, clients can return to continue their organization journey with regular maintenance sessions.

Simple Organized Co.

If you need professional organizing services for your home, you can consider Simply Organized Co. The company specializes in kitchen, closet, pantry, and bathroom organization. It also organizes linen closets, playrooms, and laundry rooms. They can help you organize your space and make it easier for you to manage your time.

They also offer custom-made systems, if needed. They’ll purchase products for your customized system and help you edit, sort, and take inventory of what you need to keep. This will help you enjoy your home and free up time for the things you love. The team at Simply Organized Co. is highly qualified and dedicated to helping you achieve your home organization goals.

The company offers professional organizing services to residents in the Atlanta metro area. They also offer packing and unpacking services. These services are available throughout the Atlanta metro area, including Cherokee, DeKalb, Fulton, Hall, and Gwinnett. The team at Simply Organized is also available to pack and unpack for clients who have moved.