Every year many women discover they have breast cancer and it is a very traumatic experience. Many cancer patients say that the chemotherapy treatment they receive makes them feel much worse than the cancer itself so a number of people are turning to breast cancer alternative medicine.


One of the alternative medicine therapies has actually been used to treat cancer for more than a century and brachytherapy is now being widely used in both the USA and the UK. It involves placing tiny radiation pellets next to the area where the affected cancerous breast lump originated after it has been removed.

The radiation source is adjacent to the cancer and the normal tissues near the affected area are not exposed to radiation unlike in normal radiotherapy. The treatment period is very short and can often be completed in seven to ten days.

Brachytherapy is a very effective breast cancer alternative treatment as it prevents a recurrence of the cancer by targeting the treatment site directly. Because of the short period of treatment the patient can resume their normal activities within a week.

Some patients may experience the following mild side effects

  • Tiredness
  • Redness in the skin around the breast
  • Slight changes in the skin color

But these are nothing to worry about and disappear quite quickly.

Ablatherm and High Intensity Focuses Ultrasound

This is another breast cancer alternative medicine and although it is not used in the UK yet it is being used in the USA following a two year trial period which began in 2011.

It is carried out under local anesthetic and the whole procedure lasts about ten minutes so the patient can leave the hospital following their treatment. Following the two-year trial only one woman needed further treatment. Using electrodes the intense heat simply melts away the cancerous tumor.