Songs about anorexia are not only about weight loss but also about body image and shame. These songs are from the point of view of people with the eating disorder, and express the struggle of a person who struggles with food and body image. Songs like “Starving for Attention” by Sonic Youth and “My Silent Undoing” by Queenadreena are examples of popular songs with strong messages about anorexia.

Starving for Attention by Sonic Youth

If you are a fan of post-punk music, you may have heard of Sonic Youth. The band from New York City has a long and diverse history. Known for experimenting with guitar sounds, they are credited with reshaping the underground music scene. Some of their early work featured guitarists who beat their guitars with screwdrivers or hammers. Others tweaked their guitars to make them sound wilder and more chaotic. The band has sold more than 500 albums and still continues to experiment with different guitar sounds.

The production on this album is incredible. Thick, droning guitars create hypnotic sounds. While some listeners might find the sound unremarkable, many others will find it fascinating. The resulting album is an incredible showcase for the band’s ability to experiment with sound and produce a unique style.

The album is not for the faint of heart. The band’s music has a very different tone from that of previous albums. Their instrumentation is more layered and complex, and they have a much more mature sound than the band’s early works. The guitar playing and bass interplay are more complex and varied. The band also knows how to create moods through sound. While this album may not be radio friendly, the songs are still interesting and worth hearing.

Starving for Attention is a fine album from the band. Their songs are shorter than ever, with only seven songs lasting more than four minutes. Almost every song is uptempo, and Kim’s vocals are melodic and sometimes beautiful. The band’s style is very different from previous releases, and their songs are much better for it.

My Silent Undoing by Queenadreena

Queenadreena’s “My Silent Undoing” is an enthralling collection of songs about eating disorders. It is a powerful, moving piece written with the vigor of a fighter blending with a fragile beauty. The lyrics speak of relapse, forgiveness, and the need for healing.

Maria Mena’s “Feeling Small”

The latest Maria Mena release has a catchy hook and a catchy riff. “Feeling Small” is a very catchy and unique track, with a great build up and anthemic quality. The song gets under your skin after a few listens, and it exemplifies the artist’s maturation as a vocalist. She has a distinctive sound, and it’s great to hear her return to the world.

The seventh studio album by Maria Mena was released in 2015. It peaked at number six on the Norwegian album charts, but did not achieve any sales certifications or top ten positions internationally. It was a success in Norway, but did not fare as well in the United States, Germany, or the Netherlands.

Marianas Trench’s “Feeling Small”

The new album from Canadian rock band Marianas Trench is a great listen, and it’s easy to see why the band is gaining attention. The band has a fresh approach to music, and it’s a breath of fresh air from their previous work. The band was formed by Josh Ramsay in 1999, originally as Ramsay Fiction. He was later joined by Ian Casselman, Matt Webb and Mike Ayley. The band released its debut album, Fix Me, in 2008, and it received a positive response. It earned the group a nomination for the 2008 Canadian Radio Music Awards in the Best New Group category.

The group’s sound recalls 1980s pop culture and has earned them many awards. They’ve received numerous Juno awards and have been nominated for Grammys for their song “Call Me Maybe.” They’ve performed at the Canadian Music Awards, and toured the world with Forever the Sickest Kids and Simple Plan.

While there are plenty of bands that have popped up and faded into the background, Marianas Trench have proven themselves to be an innovative and unique pop-rock force. Their latest album is a breath of fresh air, and they’re planning a run of UK dates this summer.

Nessa Barrett’s “Dying on the Inside”

The new track “Dying on the Inside” is one of the most honest songs in Barrett’s catalog. It explores her battle with an eating disorder, and shows that she is not afraid to be vulnerable. She said that writing “Dying on the Inside” was cathartic.

Barrett first rose to fame through the video app TikTok. She has since proven herself to be a gifted songwriter. Her debut EP, Pretty Poison, was released in 2021. It featured seven tracks, including the single “Dying on the Inside.”

In a recent interview with Billboard, Barrett opened up about her eating disorder. “Dying on the Inside” opens with a trigger warning and ends with a message of support. The video shows Barrett in a dark room as she runs through comments about her appearance. She discusses how others constantly compare her to their idealized image.