Not all non toxic eyeshadow is created equal. The best products are usually the safest, most affordable and effective way to go. Here are a few of my favorites.

Brow – Eyeshadow can make your brows look great, but it’s just not always enough. You need a little more than that to make your brows stand out from the rest of your face. There are actually brow powders that actually help draw attention to your eyebrows. I’ve had one for years and it has done wonders.

Lips – Eyeshadow isn’t nearly as good at covering up your lips. Just as makeup only looks so good on the skin, eyeshadow only really looks its best when it is on top of your natural lip color. To bring out the best in your lips, pick a lipstick that will compliment your eyeshadow and not over do it.

Lips – I have a few pairs of lipsticks. Some are rich and beautiful, while others are light and soft. One pair is fabulous with thick satin, while another pair is more suitable for the rest of the time.

Eyes – With eyeshadow you’re limited to what you can use with a brush. If you don’t have a wide enough brush, it’s better to look for something that is non-toxic.

Eyeshadow can add dimension to your face and can look wonderful. However, it is best for someone who wants a natural look. Non-toxic eyeshadow can be used to bring out the best features in your eyes or is beautiful, but it won’t be enough to cover up your flaws.

If you’re shopping for eyeshadow online, you might find a few cosmetic companies that offer the perfect blend of matte and shimmer without using toxins. These products are called all-natural and aren’t as expensive as non-toxic eyeshadow, which means you can get your money’s worth.

In addition to all-natural, you can also find organic and paraben free, colorfast and specially formulated in eye shadows. When you shop online you’ll find many great deals that will let you pay less for all-natural ingredients. If you’re looking for a natural and safe option, online shopping is the place to look.

If you’re thinking of buying some eyeshadow that contains harmful chemicals, you may want to read the label carefully. There are some “non-toxic” options that might not be as safe as they seem, so always read the label before you buy.

If you want to look “more natural” choose a line of eye shadow that is not based on a fossil fuel base. Most chemical based products that contain oil will eventually cause the skin to break down and cause many adverse effects.

Research the ingredients before you buy. There are many products that are sold under the guise of being “all natural” but in reality contain harsh chemicals.

Don’t be fooled by the line of eye shadow that says “All Natural” if the product contains harsh chemicals. There are many all natural products available and they won’t contain a lot of chemicals, which is the same thing you want from an eyeshadow product.