For a day trip, there are several places in and around Twining that are within a two-hour drive. The area is also home to a few restaurants. Weekend trips are also an option, but you should check the weather and road conditions before setting out. In addition, the area has some interesting historical sites that are worth a visit.

Lobster Shank

If you’re planning to visit the city of Twining, Michigan, you’ve come to the right place. Unlike some major cities in the US, this small village is bursting with unique things to see and do. This hidden gem is an ideal side trip from the city of Bangor Charter Township.

In Twining, you can visit places such as the R. Twining & Company Limited. If you’re in the area, you can also check out the Twining Lobster Shanty. The restaurant was recently opened by David Twining, who had previously owned the property several times.

You can find a variety of places to visit within a two-hour radius of Twining, MI. The area is also close to some major cities. If you’re traveling by car, check out the road conditions in the area before you make your trip. Depending on the weather, you may wish to plan a weekend or day trip.

Nantuckets Restaurant

If you are visiting Fenwick Island and want to have an amazing meal, check out Twining’s Lobster Shanty. David and Janet Twining, who own Nantuckets Restaurant, have gone against the grain and are aiming to build a restaurant that evokes the feeling of an old fisherman’s shack. The restaurant will feature intricate wooden decor and a welcoming environment. It will also include a raw bar and a steamer for fresh seafood. In addition, the restaurant will feature a full dinner menu.

David Twining and his wife opened the restaurant in 1990, when their children were still young. They had many years of restaurant experience, and decided to create a casual, family-friendly place. Despite their casual atmosphere, they have created an environment that appeals to a broad range of customers, including those with demanding taste buds.


The Museum in Twining is a small museum located next to the Twinings shop in London. It is located on 216, Strand. It features artifacts, a model of a Twinings factory and more. The museum is free and open to the public. It is a great place to spend a few hours with your family.

The museum includes the original Twining shop. The shop was built in 1787 and is free to enter. It is the oldest continuously trading location and features a mosaic doorway incorporating the Golden Lyon symbol and Chinese figures. The shop was originally located in China, and it is believed to be the oldest continuously trading place in the world.

The Museum in Twining is an excellent place to buy souvenirs. British tea is a world famous drink, and this museum offers a great opportunity to learn about its history. Visitors can purchase loose leaf tea from the museum. The tea is packaged properly and sealed, and the store also features a variety of tea ware.

The project is a 27-month collaboration between two museums of national importance. The aim is to strengthen both the institutions involved and the culture of both countries. The German National Museum has sent a Resident Twinning Advisor to Georgia to support the Georgian National Museum’s efforts. In addition, more than 40 employees from the German side are participating in consultations in Georgia.

Tea shop

The tea shop in Twinings, 216 Strand, is steeped in history and is one of London’s oldest tea shops. The shop features a tasting room and a small museum dedicated to the company’s 300-year history. In the corner, you can also browse the tea memorabilia and see the first Royal Warrant, which was granted to Twinings.

Twinings was originally a coffee shop, but in the next decade, it developed a reputation for tea blends. Twinings also began selling dry teas that women could enjoy in the privacy of their homes. The tea shop soon became an empire for the company. Tea, as it is known in the UK, was originally brought to England by a Portuguese queen. By the 1760s, it had become the national beverage.

The tea shop in Twinings isn’t big, but it stocks a vast range of different types of tea. It has everything from English Breakfast to Earl Grey, and even exotic blends. The teas can be purchased individually or in boxes. Twinings also offers a tea master class, where experienced tea connoisseurs can learn all about the different flavors of tea.

The shop was home to some famous faces of the past, including Christopher Wren, Josiah Wedgwood, Jane Austen, and William Hogarth. As the world’s oldest tea shop, it remains a cultural landmark. The shop is also home to an impressive collection of tea caddies.

Founded by Thomas Twining in 1706, Tom’s Coffee House has an excellent reputation. The shop was known for catering to the upper class of London residents and offering a wide range of teas. In time, it became the most important place for people to sample the different flavors of tea in the city.

The shop is still open today, and the tea tasting room is a great way to sample the brand. After all, there are 500 varieties of tea produced by Twinings.