If you want to create an organised wardrobe, you need to make sure that the clothes are in the right places. You can use shelves to keep bulky items like shirts and coats in place. You can also use matching hangers for these items. This will keep them from losing their shape when you fold them.

Sort your clothes by type

When you are trying to organise your wardrobe, you should sort your clothes by type. This is not only an excellent way to save space but also makes it easier to see what’s in your closet. You can even get a portable hanging rack to help you sort your clothes in the closet.

To organise your closet, first lay out all your clothes and separate them by type. Then, sort them into piles. Keep them separate so you won’t have piles of clothes that are tangled in each other. Also, remember to wash any clothes that are dirty, as they will make it difficult to sort them later.

Use matching hangers

Matching hangers are a great way to organise your wardrobe. Different types of clothes require different types of hangers, and it can be overwhelming to have too many different types in your closet. Fortunately, you can buy inexpensive wooden hangers that will accommodate most articles of clothing, and they can also be a great way to give your closet a uniform look.

If you don’t want to buy a new hanger every couple of weeks, use a matching set. Purchasing a matching set will allow you to match the hangers more effectively, and they will also save you space in your closet. Matching hangers are also useful for organizing shoes.

Purchasing matching hangers is easier said than done. However, it’s worth investing in high-quality hangers to complement your closet organisation system. There are a variety of hangers available on the market, so it’s best to choose a set that matches the quality of the hanger system you’ve purchased. Keep in mind that different types of hangers are made from different materials. Some will help to shape shirts, while others will cause delicate blouses to snag. The best hangers will depend on the shape of your clothing, your budget, and your personal preference.

If you’re concerned about the environment, you may want to consider purchasing hangers that are eco-friendly. Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on Earth, and it’s more sustainable than hardwoods. You can find bamboo hangers in natural finishes, or you can even paint them to give them a vibrant look.

Divide your wardrobe space to avoid arguments

It may be difficult for a couple to divide their wardrobe space, but there are ways to work together to make it easier for both of you. First, discuss your morning routines and which clothes you need for the day. Once you know what you each need, separate sections of the closet and keep their clothes separate from each other. You can also share hanging space and drawer space.

Use shoe stacking bins

Shoe stacking bins are a great way to keep your closet organised without spending a fortune. You can buy a shoe storage bin that is easy to assemble and will fit nicely beneath your hanging items. If you have a large collection of shoes, a shoe storage bin is a great way to keep all of them in one place.

Shoe storage solutions come in many different styles and sizes, so it is important to choose one that works best for your home. For example, wire racks are unsuitable for some types of shoes, like those with heels. The shoe storage bins that you choose should be designed to hold similar types of shoes. For example, shoes that you wear for work should be placed in one group, shoes you wear out for dinner in another, and shoes that are more comfortable for walking should be stored in a third group. By grouping your shoes, you will remember which pair to wear for what occasion.

Another way to maximise your closet space is to create a shelf or two specifically for shoes. You can also use bookshelves, file dividers, or small plastic partitions to create shelves and bins for your shoes. This will help you save space and add style to the room.

For the largest collection of shoes, use shoe space savers. They will add a vertical space to your closet and make shoe storage easy. They also feature plastic dividers that prevent shoes from slipping off the shelves. Narrow shelves will accommodate up to three pairs of shoes, and a larger shelf will accommodate more pairs.

Place scarves vertically in drawers

Many fashionistas don’t have enough room to store all of their accessories. Thankfully, there are a number of options for wardrobe organisation, including placing scarves vertically. This will help you to make sure that your scarves remain in good condition while keeping them easily accessible.

Using a velvet hanger will ensure that your scarves stay tangle-free while being stored in their designated space. The slim design of this hanger also helps you to save space in your closet. Another great way to keep your scarves organised is to use the tips provided by Marie Kondo, a best-selling organizing author.

A tie hanger is another option for storing scarves. This type of hanger can hold up to 24 scarves and has a 360-degree swivel, so you can rotate your scarves easily. If you don’t have a tie hanger, you can also use a necklace hanger.

Another option for scarve storage is to use drawer dividers. These dividers are adjustable and about five inches high. You should also roll scarves so that they are less than five inches wide. If you don’t have a drawer divider, you can buy acrylic shelf dividers. These dividers fit into standard closet shelves and work similar to bookends.