If you’re planning a visit to Watrous, the place to be is the Manitou Springs Resort and Mineral Spa, which focuses on the therapeutic powers of the lake’s mineral waters. You can relax in the three mineral pools, heated between 34 and 38 C, or treat yourself to spa treatments. Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area is located just south of Watrous.

National Historic Landmark district

Watrous, New Mexico is home to a National Historic Landmark district. This town, also known as La Junta, was an important junction on the Santa Fe Trail during the 19th century. Today, visitors can enjoy the historic homes and landmarks of this quaint little town.

When the railroad came through Watrous, it became an important location for materials for the Fort Union. The town sits along the Mountain Branch of the Santa Fe Trail. Today, many of the original trees that Watrous planted remain on the site. In the 19th century, Watrous was a railroad hub and supported over 400 people. In 1939, the town incorporated and continued to grow, although its economy declined after that.

The Watrous National Historic Landmark district includes many buildings associated with the town’s early history. Before the railroad arrived, Watrous was an important trading center. Its development was halted when it was discovered that Indians were living in the area. However, much of Watrous has remained intact, and the natural beauty of the area is still evident with deep trail impressions and wagon wheel ruts.

The Watrous National Historic Landmark district was designated by the Secretary of Interior in 1990. It is a collection of historic properties, buildings, sites, and districts that illustrate the rich history of the United States. In 1999, there were over two thousand properties on the list. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it is the official federal recognition of a building’s importance.

Watrous is home to several historic buildings, including the Plaza Hotel, which was built in 1858. The Plaza’s plaza was also the site of the bear flag during a rebellion in 1846. The plaza is also home to the Sonoma Barracks and the Toscano Hotel.


Watrous, Saskatchewan is a charming prairie town that’s the perfect place for a family vacation. Visitors to Watrous can enjoy its many attractions, including the Watrous Cenotaph Park and Watrous Beach Fun Run Auto Show and Shine. Classic car lovers can show off their favorite classic cars and motorcycles at the event, which takes place each July. Other family-friendly attractions in the area include a zoo, a children’s museum, and a fun-filled summer festival.

Guests at the Manitou Springs Resort and Mineral Spa can take advantage of the healing properties of the lake’s mineral waters. The resort features three mineral pools heated to around 34-38 degrees Fahrenheit. The resort also offers spa treatments. In addition to the Manitou Springs, visitors can also enjoy the Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area, located south of Watrous. Visitors can swim in this natural lake, enjoy a picnic, or simply relax.

Watrous has many luxury hotels, including the Temple Gardens Hotel & Spa and Delta Hotels by Marriott Bessborough. These hotels offer complimentary breakfast and free WiFi. There are also a number of attractions within the city, including the Watrous Civic Centre and the Watrous Ballpark and Swimming Pool.


When you want to eat out in Watrous, NM, you have a few options. You can choose from dozens of grocery stores, casual cafes, and fine dining establishments. In addition to eating, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi and book reservations online. There are also plenty of places to drink and relax.


If you are looking for a beach in Canada, you might want to consider visiting Watrous. This progressive community, just two hours from Regina and just over an hour from Saskatoon, has beautiful beaches, cultural activities, and dining options. It is also home to the healing waters of Little Manitou Lake. With high mineral and salt content, this lake is a great place to swim.

The town developed as a railway division point. Excursion trains would arrive from all four major cities, and tourists would ride them into town and catch a shuttle to the resort. On weekends, thousands of cars would park in the fields, and the population would go from 200 to more than fifteen thousand during the summer months.

At the turn of the twentieth century, the town’s beautiful beach called The Beach became a popular destination for tourists. It is located on Highway 365 three miles north of Watrous, Saskatchewan. The area is also home to the Manitou & District Regional Park, a camping destination. The park features RV sites, a playground for younger campers, and trails to nearby Wellington Park.


The city is home to one of Canada’s largest indoor mineral spas, the Manitou Springs. The city also boasts an 18-hole mini-golf course and Manitou & District Regional Park. While in town, be sure to stop by the All Saints Anglican Church for stunning stained-glass windows. Also, visit the Watrous Cenotath, a historical monument. The danceland Ballroom hosts local events, and there’s even a drive-in movie theater.