If you’re short on space, toy room organization ideas include storage benches, cubes, and hanging basket bins. These are double-duty storage solutions that won’t take up a lot of floor space. Moreover, toys don’t have to stay out all the time – simply change them every few months for a new set. You can also utilize the space available on the walls. You can install wall shelving units or floating bookshelves. Hanging basket bins and toy hammocks are also excellent options for this purpose.

IKEA’s Kallax unit

IKEA’s Kallax unit is a multifunctional storage solution. It can hold toys and school bags/shoes and can double as a shelving unit. It’s easy to move between shelves and bins as needed. You can also stack the cubes for additional storage.

Kallax is the perfect size for a child’s bedroom or playroom. Its versatile design allows you to expand or reduce the unit as your child grows and outgrows toys. You can also convert it to an open shelf for special toys. If your child’s room is small, you may need to anchor it to a wall.

The Kallax can double as a credenza if you attach legs to its legs. The addition of legs can make Kallax look more modern or mid-century. Kallax is versatile enough to adapt to changing needs, from a small television to a large gaming console.

A Kallax 4×4 unit includes a display row and bookshelf row. It is both functional and beautiful. Those who want to add a little home decor to the room may want to buy a Kallax 8 cube bookshelf to showcase books. Ornaments and travel memorabilia can also be placed on the shelves. It’s a great choice for modern home decor.

Ladder bookcases

Ladder bookcases are a great way to maximize storage space in a child’s room. Available in three and five-shelf configurations, these shelves are perfect for storing toys, books, and decorative items. You can also find these shelves in many different finishes and sizes to match your space and style.

If you want a simple, classic design, go for a black ladder shelf. It’s a timeless piece that’s both practical and attractive. Its simple design allows you to easily fold the ladder shelf to reduce its footprint. If you’re looking for a contemporary look, go for a white or cappuccino version.

Ladder shelves can be used for a variety of different purposes, from displaying collectibles to organizing towels. They’re also available in free-standing and anchored to walls, so you can customize your storage to meet your needs. There are 47 different designs available today.

For a more modern look, you can choose a ladder shelf with a chalkboard. This type of shelf is functional as well as attractive and can be painted to match the rest of your room. These shelves are available in several different finishes, including distressed white.

Rolling carts

Rolling carts are great for storing toys and other items. Some models come with labels so you can easily find what you’re looking for. Another great feature of rolling carts is the fact that they can be moved to different rooms if you need to. Alternatively, you can buy a built-in unit for the room, which has more storage options and is more stylish. You can also buy colorful plastic bins to help keep toys organized, which will help you create a “system” for your child.

Toys can be difficult to keep organized. To keep things in order, consider purchasing bins with labels. Labels will help you keep things sorted and will make clean-up time easier. You can also purchase a branded bin that has your child’s name on it.

Another great option for organizing toy rooms is a rolling cart with bins or shelves. You can easily stack several of these and organize them to your child’s preference. Some models have angled bins so your child can easily find the toy they want.

Foldable pop-up hampers

Foldable pop-up hampers are a great choice for toy room organization. Not only are they versatile, but they’re also easy to pack away when you’re done using them. They feature durable mesh material that keeps things dry and odor-free and allow for easy air circulation. They also feature durable handles for easy carrying to the laundry room.

These pop-up hampers are great for storing dirty clothes and toys. They are easy to lift and fold up so that you can easily store them when not in use. Plus, the large mouth of these hampers makes it easy for kids to get to and fill them.

These storage boxes are a great option for toy room organization, and they are available in a variety of sizes. You can also find fun designs on them. Some are decorated like pirate chests and will encourage your child to keep their room tidy. They also come in a variety of different colors.

Stacking old crates

Crates are a good choice for toy storage. They don’t take up much floor space and provide easy access to toys. You can also use them as open shelves for displaying favorite toys and accessories. Depending on the size, you can even hang them from the ceiling. However, keep in mind that they won’t be able to hold heavy objects. They are more suitable for storing cuddly toys and sports balls.

You can also use wooden crates for storage. They are easy to move and can be stacked horizontally or vertically. Besides toy room storage, you can use these crates to store houseplants, framed photos and books. In addition, they are also great for organizing garage necessities.

Crates can be painted to make them more useful for organizing kids’ stuff. You can also make them into console tables. With the right design, these crates can be used to hold DVDs, books and games. They can also be used as storage ottomans in the living room. You can also paint them to add color to the room.

Wooden crates are also a great choice for under-bed storage. You can buy them at thrift shops and yard sales. They can be used as bookshelves, cubbies, or even seating. If you want to be extra creative, you can even use them for kitchen and bathroom storage. You can also add wheels to them for easy transportation and mobility.

Tiered storage units

Tiered storage units are an excellent way to organize your toy room. They can be a great way to organize and keep your toy room clutter free, while still allowing your child to play freely. These storage options can also be an attractive way to add decor to your living room. Another great way to maximize storage space in your toy room is by adding a vertical shelving system. You can also use wire baskets to organize toys. They allow your child to see their favorite toys without having to dig through boxes.

If you’re looking for the right type of toy storage, consider the size of the room and the type of toys your child plays with. Many storage options are designed to be high enough for your child to reach, and some are designed for use with supervision. Some are made specifically for small children, and others are made for older children.

A popular option for toy storage is the Ikea Trofast toy storage system. These storage options are inexpensive and versatile. These units contain nine bins, some of which are angled to make them easier for small hands to reach. They also allow your child to organize toys by type. For example, a child can keep art supplies in one bin, while Barbie can go in another.

Using space under the bed

If you’re looking for a way to organize your child’s toy room, you may want to consider using space under the bed. It’s a great place for hidden storage. You can use drawers or bins that roll under the bed. Also, consider donating your child’s old toys to help free up space in the room. If your child is old enough, he or she can help you declutter, which will also help you make more space.

Before buying storage bins, measure the area under the bed. Write the measurements on an index card. Next, look for long, low plastic containers with wheels. Custom-made wooden bins with wheels are also great options. The best under-bed storage bins are easy to roll out and have openings for easy access. Another great option is to repurpose old dresser drawers.

Crates are another great solution for toy room organization. You can make them movable and paint them to match your furniture. You can also label them to make it easier for your child to keep track of their toys. You can also purchase wall-mounted file holders to keep coloring books and magazines neat.