Clea Shearer’s home edit is one of the most popular websites on the Internet, and it features a wide variety of inspiring home design ideas. Shearer shares her experience of battling breast cancer, her favorite kitchen storage solution, and her advice for taming a child’s room.

Clea Shearer’s battle with breast cancer

Clea Shearer, co-founder of home organizing company The Home Edit, is currently fighting an aggressive form of breast cancer. She found a lump in her breast in February. Despite being told to wait, she requested an appointment right away. She learned that the lump was actually cancerous and had spread to the surrounding tissue. She is now undergoing chemotherapy to fight the disease.

The reality TV star has taken to Instagram to share her story of her battle with breast cancer. She recently revealed her diagnosis, sharing a photo of a nurse giving her chemotherapy. She also detailed the intense pain she felt for several days following the chemo. Despite the difficulty of her condition, Shearer remains optimistic about the future.

After the surgery, Clea underwent chemotherapy to fight the cancer. During the treatment, she was told that the cancer had spread to a lymph node. As a result, she was diagnosed with stage two cancer. She will continue with her treatments. Meanwhile, her co-worker, Joanna Teplin, has joined her in partnering with Nature Made to develop a line of wellness products called Wellblends. Wellblends are designed to support immune system, stress, and sleep.

Shearer, who has always been open about her health struggles, has finally disclosed that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The co-founder of The Home Edit and the host of its Netflix show, “The Home Edit,” is currently undergoing chemotherapy to fight the cancer. The news was shared on social media on 4/7/18.

Her story shows that women in America can have a positive outcome if they have access to quality medical care. The American Cancer Society recommends that women get a mammogram every year and undergo breast cancer screenings. However, many women are not so lucky. A large percentage of women in reproductive age are without primary care doctors and struggle to pay the high cost of medical care. Consequently, many women develop chronic conditions or die of preventable diseases.

After Shearer’s diagnosis, she published a blog about her battle. She wrote about feeling self-pity after her diagnosis, but she worked hard to change her mindset. Then, she and Teplin founded the home organization company “The Home Edit.” The show has grown to a global audience and is now in its second season.

Her advice for organizing a space for kids

During her time on “The Home Edit,” Clea Teplin shared her advice for organizing a space for kids. In this episode, she explains how to use different zones to separate toys, books, and other clutter. She even incorporates a beautiful vanity area, a space to display memorabilia, and designated storage for everyday items.

A good way to organize a space for kids is to use a colorful palette. The Home Edit team even hired a mural artist to create a room with a rainbow theme. Each wall is painted with a different color, and they display matching objects on shelves. The playroom features marigold pillows, lavender toy trucks, and chartreuse pinatas.

Clea Shearer, creator of Netflix, also shares her advice for organizing a space for kids. She arranges things by color or category. For instance, crayons arranged on a lazy Susan look tidy and colorful. Other items, like Gatorade bottles, are organized by color.

Joanna and Clea recommend starting small when organizing. It’s easier to keep track of a kid’s room if you can manage it in smaller pieces. Once the room has been properly organized, you can move on to another room or area. They also advise on the importance of keeping a clean environment.

Her favorite kitchen storage idea

The Home Edit is a new Netflix show that stars Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer. It has already spawned a line of celebrity-approved storage ideas. And now, you can find it at The Container Store! This new line of storage solutions is a special addition to the company’s home collection.

Joanna and Clea are two California transplants who have made home organization an art form. Their products have helped A-listers and celebrities alike get organized. In fact, the company has eight hundred and seventy-three thousand followers on Instagram. I highly recommend checking out The Home Edit’s products.