There are a variety of places to stay in Tununak, Alaska. You can find inexpensive lodging options that provide basic amenities, good comfort, and free WiFi. Consider staying at a bed and breakfast or motel, which offers the convenience of being close to home. If you’re traveling on a budget, motels can be a great alternative.

Toksook Bay

Tununak is a famous tourist city with a wide range of attractions. Its ancient Buddha temples and churches attract tourists from different parts of the world. Visitors can also explore the city’s many shopping complexes, including duty-free stores and popular international brands. The city is also a popular shopping destination for sports goods, music instruments, and kitchen appliances.

Travelers can take a short flight from Toksook Bay to Tununak, which covers a distance of 9.67 km. The airport provides a range of services, including assistance and a waiting room. It also has a shuttle bus service that connects the city to other parts of town. In addition, there are private buses available to drop off and pick up travelers at various locations.

The Toksook Bay airport is located in the city’s center. Its location makes it easy to get around, with a prepaid taxi counter at the airport. The airport is also equipped with an information desk and a food court for visitors. Once in the city, travelers can stay in comfortable accommodations. There are several four and five-star hotels as well as hostels.

A trail system on Nelson Island is currently being planned. This will provide better access to subsistence sites and the sub-regional clinic. The Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation operates a clinic on the island. The trails will eventually connect to the village of Nightmute.

The town has two main stores that sell various products. One of these stores also sells gasoline. Foods are sold in canned, frozen, and boxed forms. Fresh produce is scarce, because it rots at the airplane. Locals also use trucks and 4 wheelers to travel to surrounding villages.

Getting around Tununak is easy. There is a taxi counter at the airport, and bus services are also available. Visitors can also use online cab booking apps like Hertv. There are also bus services and car rentals available. For those interested in getting around, it is important to communicate with their travel partners to provide information about the visa requirements.

The population of Tununak has been declining for the past five years. Its residents are primarily young adults in their 20s, and its average family size is 4.9 people. Its poverty rate ranks the town 17321 nationally, and 167th in Alaska.


When planning a vacation to Alaska, it’s important to check out the towns around the area. Whether you’re traveling with your family or traveling solo, you’ll want to make sure to check out other areas nearby. Below is a list of towns in the vicinity of Nightmute, AK.

Nightmute is a village on the island of Nelson. The population of the community is around 150. It is located in the Bethel Borough and has a suburban feel. Most residents live in their own homes. Nightmute has a small downtown area and is home to several restaurants and other local businesses.

Air travel is the main mode of transportation in the region. The two main airlines serve the area, Ravn Alaska and Yute Air Alaska. Flights depart from both towns and are available three times a day. The airport is relatively new, having just been built in 2015. Land transportation is available by 4 wheelers, snow machines, boats, and trucks. Villagers also use trucks for transportation to nearby villages.

Tununak is located in Alaska. The downtown area faces the ocean, while the rest of the town faces the river. There are two bridges crossing the river, one at the mouth of the river and one at the other end, connecting the town to the airport. The town is also home to the Rock People, manmade towers of rock that resemble human figures. The population of Tununak is only 327, with 96% of the residents being Alaska Native.

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Nelson Island

Tununak is a small village on the northeast coast of Nelson Island, 115 miles north of Bethel, Alaska. The population is just over 350. The village was once a winter settlement, but now the residents have moved to summer fish camps. Some of the old buildings remain, including sod houses.

The area was first inhabited in 1785 and named after naturalist Edward Nelson. In 1889, the Jesuits founded a school and chapel. Later, the mission closed, and a government school and store were built. In 1934, a priest named Father Deshout lived on the island. He had a great impact on the area.

Stone People monuments are part of the local culture and history. These monuments were erected in the past and are now being restored by the locals. When finished, the monuments will stand together on Nialruq Mountain. If you’re lucky enough to visit the area, you’ll be able to see the Stone People.

The village of Toksook Bay is leading a trail project on the island, which will provide better access to subsistence locations and connect the town of Nightmute to Toksook Bay. The trails will also connect Toksook Bay with the sub-regional clinic operated by the Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation.

Herring fishing on the island is similar to that of Nelson Island. The fishing is most commonly done using gillnets and skiffs. Dipnets and hand-harvesting are also common. Fishermen also threw homemade toss nets over the herring schools.