To make your office space clutter free, start by cleaning it thoroughly. This will help you identify the supplies you need. You can also use vertical file holders and chalkboard labels. You can even purchase an IKEA FINTORP wall shelf to keep things organized. Once you have the basics, you can start investing in office supplies.

Investing in a paperwork filing system

Office filing systems are essential to office organization and efficiency. They help keep your office clutter-free, organized, and logical. Choosing the right system depends on your business needs today and the goals for the future. For example, you may save thousands of dollars today by using a paper-based system, but you will have to spend more money in five years to move to a digital system. It’s best to research and trial several different systems before you make your final decision.

If you have a lot of documents, a filing system can help you find them quickly. You can categorize them according to their subject, or you can organize them alphabetically. Most people find it most convenient to file their documents by subject. For example, personal records should be kept in one file, while banking records should go in another. Likewise, home-purchasing documents should be stored in a third file. You can also color-code your files so you can group documents related to one another without over-stuffing folders.

Investing in vertical file holders

File holders are a great way to keep your office clutter-free. Clutter can easily pile up and lead to confusion and wasted time, but file holders can reduce the amount of paper clutter and make it easier to find the files you need. You can find inexpensive vertical file holders at home goods stores and office supply stores. They can be hung from a door or a wall. They make it easy to store files and daily mail.

Investing in chalkboard labels

If you have an office or a small home office, chalkboard labels can be a great way to organize and add a funky touch to your décor. You can make them yourself or buy pre-made ones. They can be used to label jars, organize your home’s garage, and more.

Chalkboard labels are easy to make and can be purchased at an office supply store or online. Aside from labels, they can also be used for many other things, such as labeling food containers or indoor plants. Whether you have chalkboard paint or chalk pen markers, you can easily create a custom label for any item. You can even label whole shelves or paint stir sticks.

Investing in IKEA FINTORP wall shelf

While these shelves are designed for kitchens, they can also be used to organize your office. A memo board, for example, will allow you to display pictures or notes to yourself and your colleagues. The FINTORP series can be used to maximize storage space in any space, including your office.