If you are looking for ways to organize your washroom, you might want to consider installing metal racks or wire shelving. Over-the-toilet storage is also an option. Ladder shelves are also a good way to create more space in a small bathroom. Ladder shelves are also very cute and can be customized to fit your bathroom space.

Organize by category

To organize your washrooms, begin by sorting items into categories. Some common categories are hair products, toiletries, and medicine. Once you’ve identified what goes where, it’s time to look for storage solutions. For example, if you have a lot of hair products, you might need more than one drawer to store them.

Another important tip is to keep similar items together. Keeping similar items in one location will help you maintain a clean bathroom and avoid re-organization time again. This can be a challenge, but it will help you maintain the cleanliness of your washrooms. Once you get the hang of your organization system, it will be easier to maintain it.

You can also organize washrooms by category by putting skincare and makeup products in glass jars next to each other. Make sure to keep first aid supplies nearby as well. Another helpful way to organize your washrooms is to invest in drawer organizers. They will help you keep everything in their right place and will give each item a specific spot.

Stacking drawers

One of the most common bathroom organizing problems is having a messy bathroom drawer. Small items tend to get lost in the shuffle and make getting ready an unpleasant experience. A good way to keep this problem from occurring again is to organize your bathroom drawer. By keeping the contents of your bathroom drawer neat and tidy, you can easily find the things you need in less time.

You can organize your bathroom drawers by stacking them. First, you need to sort your toiletries into the different categories. You should also consider how much space you have for each category. You can choose opaque or transparent storage depending on your preference. You can also choose to use labels to indicate what goes where.

Stacking drawers can also be used for organizing other items in your bathroom. These multi-functional storage units are ideal for storing extra towels, soaps, and toiletries. You can even store small toys in them! You can purchase one of these units for around $10. You can also buy a two-tier slide-out unit that gives you more space for storage. These storage options also come with adjustable dividers, which make it easy to keep like items together.

Ladder shelves

Ladder shelves in the bathroom are a great way to add extra storage while still maintaining a decorative appearance. They are adjustable and can be shaped to meet your needs. They are versatile and can be used in any room of the house. Depending on the size and height, they can store a variety of items.

Another great way to use ladder shelves in the bathroom is to install them over the toilet. They can keep extra toilet paper, towels, or art items close at hand. You can also use a narrow rolling shelf to place books or reading material next to the toilet. It is easy to move around and can easily fit in odd corners.

Using a small basket to store products is another bathroom organizing idea. This type of basket has a unique design that makes it stand out and helps you keep your stuff organized. It has five drawers so you can access your go-to items without having to dig around for them. This basket can be placed on a counter or hung on the wall.

You can also add a small hutch to store bulky items. These are a great option for small spaces because they are compact and have modern hardware. In addition, you can use flower pot cups for storage and even hang a toothbrush holder on the wall.

Over-the-toilet shelves

Adding over-the-toilet shelves to your bathroom can create a space with plenty of storage. These shelves are ideal for displaying decorative items and come in a variety of styles. Some are made of steel and bronze, while others are made of medium-density fiberboard wood, which will not warp or discolor over time. They can also add character to your bathroom, especially if you opt for a rustic barn wood look.

Adding over-the-toilet shelves to your bathroom can create a more organized look than a plain, open shelf. You can place baskets or open storage items on these shelves. You can also use them to hold medical supplies and other bathroom essentials, such as rolled towels.

Over-the-toilet shelves are great for bathrooms that are cramped, as they offer storage without taking up valuable floor space. They also provide a great place to display your favorite decor and homeware. A little research will help you find the right design for your bathroom.

A single over-the-toilet shelf can dramatically change the look of your bathroom, adding color and cheer to the room. You can also consider installing an open cabinet with shelves and a drawer. It can serve as a bathroom storage cabinet and towel storage cabinet, and you can also use it to display cute items.

Tiered organizers

Tiered washroom organizers offer a great way to maximize vertical space. These stylish containers are made of lightweight plastic and can accommodate many items. They can also be easily cleaned. A metal frame allows you to hang them from a towel rod or cabinet door. There are many different types of tiered organizers available.

Tiered organizers are ideal for bathrooms with multiple levels. The top level can be loaded with commonly used items, while the bottom level can hold the less-used items. They can also be used for counter storage. You can even buy smaller tiered trays to keep them on top of counters.


One of the best ways to maximize your bathroom cabinet space is to utilize a turntable. This handy tool can hold small bottles, jars, and even tall bottles. It also allows for easy access to items without allowing them to get mixed up. Turntables can also be useful for organizing glass jars that contain disposable items. Adding labels is a great way to make these items more visible.

Another great bathroom organizing idea is to use a lazy susan. These can be used to store hair appliances and other personal hygiene products. They are also great for organizing your toothbrush and other personal items. And the best part is, installing one of these is relatively simple. It comes with rust-resistant brackets that hang over the door, and the baskets can be adjusted to fit a variety of sizes.

A turntable can be used to move items from the back of the cabinet to the front, and it is also handy for storing electric toothbrushes and other items. An outlet shelf is also a good idea for storing things like Bluetooth speakers. They take up very little space and are built-in with cable management.

Lazy Susan

Using a Lazy Susan is a great way to organize items under the sink. You can use a divider to store toiletries and other items, or you can use it to keep makeup organized. You can even add more than one turntable to make more room for toiletries.

You can also use a tension rod to extend storage space. This will allow you to store tall bottles and jars. It also helps reduce germ transfer. Also, you can use long drawer organizers to hold supplies for more than one person. You can label the drawers to keep things separate.

Another great use for a Lazy Susan is as a hub for daily items. A Lazy Susan works well under a sink or inside a linen closet. Smaller versions can be placed inside a linen closet or under the bathroom sink. This is the best place to place things like toilet bowl cleaners and shower sprays, so that they don’t get knocked off the rest of the cabinetry. You can also use a small Lazy Susan to store items for your hair.