The black NSF Perfect Home shelving unit includes five shelves and can be a great addition to a garage or workshop. This unit is built to maximize space, and provides organization for many items. However, it can be heavy and difficult to move. To move it safely, you must provide the appropriate assistance, a vehicle, and any tools you may need.


NSF Perfect Home shelving is designed to meet strict requirements for general sanitation and health safety. The regulations cover all kinds of kitchen equipment, including shelves. These pieces of equipment often need to be cleaned, and some products may leak or spill. The NSF seal of approval is a symbol of quality that can be trusted.

The NSF-certified shelves are durable enough for commercial kitchens and should last for decades. Some of the stainless-steel shelves feature rust-resistant chrome plating. Make sure not to use shelves with cracked or chipped surfaces, as bacteria can grow on them. You can also look for shelves that are corrosion-resistant, as these will help prevent your food from spoiling.

NSF-certified shelving units come with plastic and metal shelves that can be disinfected easily. The best way to clean this type of shelving is by wiping down the surface thoroughly and using a disinfectant to kill any bacteria. For wire shelving, you need to make sure that you clean it between wires, under the tiers, and in tight spaces. The manufacturer of the shelves may also recommend a specific cleaning product for the units.


NSF Perfect Home shelving is certified to NSF/ANSI 2 Food Service standards and is a great choice for a professional kitchen or stock room. Its adjustable design makes it easy to change the height of the shelves to accommodate the needs of your business. You can order the unit in either a two-tier or three-tier version, depending on your space and storage needs.


The NSF Perfect Home shelving system is made with durable materials that are safe for use around food. This system is available in various sizes and can be used in a wide variety of settings. It is ideal for the kitchen, entertainment center, and garage. The shelves can support large items and boxes, and can easily accommodate different storage needs.


Installing NSF Perfect Home shelving can be easy, requiring minimal tools. This shelf system includes heavy-duty wall straps that prevent tipping. The straps should be installed between studs for stability. You can mount the shelves horizontally or vertically. The unit is designed to be easily assembled into two 3-tier units.