Herbal medicine is derived from plants or plant parts, also called botanicals. Herbal medicine is used to improve your health and it comes available as dietary supplements which can be purchased at pharmacies or health food stores. The different forms you can purchase herbal medicine are tablets, capsules, teas, extracts or powders. Herbs can be purchased freswh or dried, but if purchased in these forms, then you must seek dosage information from a herbalist.

Alternative Herbal Medicine1

Benefits of Alternative Herbal Medicine

  • Herbs are all natural
  • Safe
  • Do not go through testing like prescription drugs
  • Are inexpensive and affordable

People are searching for innovative ways to improve their health and at the same time save money.

If you are planning to use an alternative herbal medicine to improve your health, then it is wise to consult a healthcare professional or doctor first because some herbs can interact with certain prescribed medications or over-the-counter medications. Some herbs also interact with other herbs. When collecting herbs from the wild, be sure you know the proper identification because some herbs can be easily misidentified for poison. If in doubt, just contact a herbalist for proper identification.

Choosing the Right Herb for Use as an Alternative Medicine

There are millions of herbs that can be used to treat different ailments and illnesses.

  • Acai Berry- Used to promote weight loss
  • Aloe Vera- Promote healing of skin, sores. burns, rash and sunburn
  • Black Cohosh- Use to reduce or eliminate arthritis, muscle pain and inflammation
  • Chamomille- Used for making tea to promote relaxation, sleep and to reduce stress and anxiety
    Black Cohosh

If you want to improve your health or treat a certain illness, then you should consult a herbalist to help you decide which herb to use as an alternative herbal medicine. Some herbs can be used for both children and adults.