Looking for something special to add to your hair care regime? Look no further than a homemade hair mask infused with Manuka honey to rejuvenate dry, lifeless hair. Just mix a couple of drops of Manuka honey with coconut oil and apply to dry, brittle hair. Cover head with a plastic shower cap to maintain the mask moisture. Leave on for 15 thirty minutes to condition and shampoo as normal.


This may sound a little unorthodox but it is an extremely effective remedy for dry scalp and dandruff. Simply prepare a cup of boiled water and add one tablespoon of Manuka honey or manuka essential oil. Stir to combine. Then add a quarter teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar, a quarter teaspoon of mustard seed oil, and a quarter teaspoon of Rosemary essential oils. Lastly, top with your favorite hairstyle and enjoy!

There are many wonderful benefits associated with this natural oil. For example it is very effective at treating dandruff and other skin conditions. One of the best benefits of this oil is that it has antibacterial activity and can be used for the treatment of cold sores and insect bites. In addition to these benefits there are some other Manuka products that are available including lotions, soaps, shampoos, makeup, and more. There are a number of safety information brochures available to help you understand how to use these products.

This powerful essential oil was first researched by Robert Tignerand and Ralph tisserand in New Zealand in the early 1980’s. After numerous tests and research reports these two natural wonders were discovered and produced. The two researchers named it after a local bird called the black-necked frizzy ruddock because the oil produced a black and whitish colored oil when applied to the bird’s body. These results were the beginning of the research which resulted in the discovery of these amazing and effective oils. In fact, the name of the company that discovered these herbs is now known as Robert Tignerand and Ralph T tisserand International.

When looking at the manual bushes or their oil glands, you will see that they are actually located on the outer side of the leaf. To the untrained eye the oil glands seem to be located under the leaflet of the plant. To understand what is happening it is important to know that the oil glands of manuka bush grows in spongy tissue that has no nerve endings. When heat is applied to this spongy tissue it causes the oil glands to expand, which causes the manuka bush to create an intense aroma.

This powerful scent gives off a very warm and inviting sensation. People all around the world have reported that they can smell the manuka oil on their skin almost immediately upon application. I was one of those people that got the powerful aroma of the oil on my skin the very first time I used it. I was skeptical at first until I experienced the same sensation the manuka oil gave me.

I did some research to find out exactly what the manuka oil was and where it came from. Apparently the oil is extracted from the New Zealand manuka bushes in a very similar way to how we extract olive oil from grapes. It is taken from the branches of these bushes and then treated with different chemicals to extract the oil. The process is very similar to how grapes are processed. Some people believe that the treatment and filtering processes of manuka essential oil are what produces the wonderful scent that we feel when applying it to our skin.

There are many benefits that manuka oil provides, the main one being the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that it provides. Many acne products contain antibacterial and antifungal properties as well as various different natural fragrances. By using manuka oil you are able to add a great number of different scents to your daily skin care routine. If you would like to learn more about manuka oil and the benefits that it provides to visit my website below.