Mindfulness involves focusing the direction of one’s conscious attention. Purposely paying attention moment to moment in a nonjudgmental way. Consciously being aware of one’s thoughts, emotions, feelings, and surroundings of the present time.

Encourage Children to Reach Their Personal Potential

Growing up

It is fascinating to observe children develop. One reason so many people take such an avid interest in the development of children is because it is something we all have experience with. We all have had a childhood experience. Encouraging positive attitudes and helping them work through their emotions will provide them with lifelong skills. Understanding that we become what we think. We are defined by our thoughts. Our thoughts influence our actions. Our actions create our character.

Our character shapes our lives and forms our habits.

Mindfulness is about perception and reaction.
Picture books enhance perception using rich visual content. They encourage children to experience what is there right in front of them and relate it with the words that are read aloud. Providing opportunities for discussions about stories and illustrations. Books are wonderful tools that generate excitement about learning and reading.

Engaging in conversations about books by telling children more about the pictures they see and elaborating on the words in the books. Young children will soon come to learn that reading is a pleasurable experience. Realizing that books are valuable ‘toys’.

Taking books places is now easier than ever with eBooks. Children love to use the technology that they see their parents use. Technology is inspiring to children. Although technology can be addictive, having a balance of both the physical book world along with eBooks will help children to understand that both are enjoyable. With eBooks you are able to take a library of books everywhere you go. Children love books. It is especially nice to have eBooks while in waiting rooms where there are many germs on the toys and books provided. It is important to remember to disinfect all devices you use. Think of how many places you take your favorite device with you and actively disinfecting them is a great way to avoid using a germ breeding device.

Using technology in a positive way such as reading will encourage children to be productive. Engaging in reading an eBook is often more educational than playing a video game. Balancing technology fun with games and books will help children develop healthy habits.

Research from a 2005 study from Cambridge University has shown that the children of today are much more literate than children of past generations from the years before computers. Proving that we are headed towards 100% literacy!

Traditional books and digital content will be side by side as we go further into the future. We have to have some trust in the usefulness of tangible books. They are tools for sharing knowledge. The technology of the book is ancient and will not ever just die off.

Inspiring children to develop good character will allow children to be able to face the challenges of life and make good decisions. Building character helps develop self-confidence, and allow them to build strong, positive relationships. We choose which virtues we instill in our children. Children are likely to hold true to their core values as they develop into young men and women. This can be done by focusing on what is important in life and making it fun. Children’s Virtue books are a great way to keep children focused on what is important in life. Children are building their character every single day in this busy world. It is vital for young people to develop a healthy and happy self image at a young age. Instilling basic healthy core values will inspire children to become mindful and productive throughout their lives.

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Helping build meta-cognitive skills!

Meta-cognition: awareness or analysis of one’s own learning or thinking processes. (Merriam-Webster)