Lemon is a tart fruit that can be used as more than just a refreshing beverage. This fruit gives many healing effects that also can help to block cell changes that may lead to cancer.

Skin Cancer

In a study of 450 people it was found that when you add a bit of lemon peel that has been grated to your daily tea give a large potential of reducing the risk of skin cancers by about 70%.
It is believed that the enzyme, glutathione S-transferase, found in lemon peels is the detoxifying enzyme that helps eliminate compounds that are known to cause skin cancer.

Breast Cancer

Another cancer fighting chemical found in lemon peels and its white under membrane is limonene. Scientist have found that limonene give an anti-tumor effect as well as giving lower levels of estrogen. High levels of estrogen have been linked to causing breast cancer.
Just add grated lemon peels to your daily teas to give yourself added protection against breast cancer.

These leads in cancer research give you a chance to prevent cancer in what may be one of the simplest form, just adding some grated lemon peel and white membrane to your diet. Such a simple solution to a potentially life threatening problem.