Containing up to SEVENTY SIX organically bound earth elements, Bloomin Minerals Liquid Plant Revitalizer is a certified organic humate soil conditioner with no added fillers or binders. Instructions – Use on shrubs, garden vegetables, and house plants at initial planting as well as part of your regular fertilization regimen.  Be sure to shake well before use and do not freeze! Instructions for usage – Ornamentals and Turf Initial application rate eight to twelve per one thousand square feet, apply at a rate of four to eight ounces per one thousand square feet monthly, usually can be safely mixed with most fertilizers. Instructions for usage – Deep Root Feeding and Tree Drenching – Use water to dilute 40:1, utilize 5 gallons of dilute per 1″ DBH.  Use at initial planting and then utilize in regular fertilizing regimen. For home/professional garden use.  Warning – MAY BE HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED! By Youngevity